War Stash! Boom or Bust?

War Stash is upon us, something a lot of people have requested over RNG wheels in the past. There is still a big RNG element with the create rewarded however. What do you think of the Stash?

  • Boom
  • Bust

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What changes, if any, would you like to see now/in future stashes (can pick two!)

  • Last Longer
  • Better Rewards
  • Prefer Wheel

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Bust, but only as it currently is. As with most Scopely ideas, it COULD be great. I’m hoping the 6 day timer is a simple trial period


It’s a bust never seen start of war this dead.

Every thing in this war is just terrible. Why aren’t there any gps or canteens? My goodness. Six stars have been out for a year and a half! God and canteens should not be so rare. Get it together.


Where are these tokens?

Is it just the milestone / placement?

Am I missing something…

Is it weird how the image shows them? I wonder if the are tokens lol

Long, boring fights + 200k milestone = waste of time.

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Questions more around earning them…

100 (40,30,20,10) tokens to collect all…

Figured they would occasionally drop or something to make it viable…

45 + 8 for top faction and 200k milestone.
47 short…probably gonna be in the shop for sale

The other possibility is that they bring them back each war and the same stash reappears with the pulls done that you did previously. So once timer ends it disappears but returns for next war.
Either that or of course sell them lol either way not impressed and not hopeful…at all

Well maybe they give out a blitz midweek but I doubt it.

The drawback of this stash is that is lasts so short, unless there’s another way to earn tokens after war ends. Rewards are definitely better than if it was just a wheel.


While I like the completion ascendable, the stash itself is quite weak. And judging by the short timer most people won’t reach it.

Well, taking everything into account, these are by far the worst rewards since it’s only lasting a week. I cannot remember any of the other wheels (winter, anniversary, lucky… etc) lasting only one war. Therefore, this is by far the worst war in a long time. Most players in second and third place faction won reach 200k.


Well even in aow when I get 100k, I am consider lucky… Aow it s not crw, no need to put a 200k millstone.

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There was one war where the wheel lasted about 1-2 weeks, but there was only 1 war for tokens to be given. So similar to this stash, except the stash is better.

If the war stash keeps coming back each war and tokens carry over to help out lower factions, what will happen when those in higher factions finish all four stashes?

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If the stash is assumed to come back, the progress is probably reset then.

There’s no way the stash will come back. This is scopelys New idea to try and get players to spend. Players in factions 2 and 3 who didn’t hit 200k will most likely spend a few bucks for the toon. Sad.

If they had let us picked the 6* when completing the first stash then yeah good rewards, just good. But rng in that crate is gonna screw everyone. Many factions arent even motivated by this rewards. Straight garbage.