War Start Times

Weekend War is going to start at 1am on Sunday morning in UK, continuing through the following working day.

Who makes these stupid decisions?


guess the only consolation is that it finishes 6pm Monday…

Not great though is it. You’d think they would look at a calendar before announcing transfer windows etc

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prolly based on feedback from PC
they just blame PC for everything now

“Eastern Europe” … Lol! As if Germany, France, Spain, Poland, Italy or Scandinavia are Eastern Europe. :-1:t3:

You can be glad that it starts just 01:00 in the morning and doesn’t start 02:00 as happening for the majority of us in Central Europe.

Who in their right mind even has free time to waste on a mobile game (for something that has no real reward) on a Sunday night or Monday?

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Yeah, sure… Complain it starts at 2:00 AM…
It starts 3:00 AM for me, as an Eastern European, as did most events in these last weeks.
I’m just sick of going to bed at 1:00 AM being top 5 in an event, and waking up to finishing 14th, or something…

1am… 2am… its still the middle of the night

True, it’s shitty no matter the time at night. Last few CRWs started way earlier. Why did they change this again? Clowns.

To avoid a clash with region transfers.
Someone in the scopely office cant read a calendar and double booked war and transfers :joy:

Pretty sure it will be because of transfers…

wtf??? (8 characters)

I don’t mind them changing the start time, then reasonable start times are shared around the World, but 1am Sunday morning until 6pm Monday night means the majority of Europe have about 16 hours on Sunday to war if they’re glued to their screen all day, and that’s it. Its mental.

Hello Everyone,

As an explanation, we had to push the upcoming Region War start time in order to accommodate region transfer but as a general rule when it comes to the time of event, we hear the community feedback on providing improved start time that would be acceptable for everyone around the world going forward.


Excellent, now, where to go…

Could join beta wait few day all other regions will show up.

Why exactly couldn’t you have started region transfers on Tuesday to Thursday?

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That would be multitasking, cant do.

Awe man back to 1am :-1: Luckily I’ve lost interest in War until 8v8 comes back

Simple let people move whenever they want, still have my original key but many many people keep there game fresh by moving around🤷🏼‍♂️

This start time for euro or UK people is awful, 1am for me so likely gonna be sleeping then maybe play a bit Sunday then need to go bed early for work Monday morning! And the week after was a war scheduled but that is gone. Most fun event and u guys screw with it so much am getting more bored of this game every week

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