War start times are they fair?

Why do nearly all wars begin at times favourable to American players ? If you want it to be a global game then surely the start times need to be varied to give everyone a fair chance. Once again it is a midnight start for UK players and 1am for mainland Europe.

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We’ve had slightly more EU friendly war times before. No reason why they cant do it again ever so often.

So flip the switch earlier in California once in a while, why 4pm ?

I don’t really buy that.

How did they manage to stage those back to back split wars. One started Saturday then Sunday for the 2nd if I remember correctly. Also did they not mangage to shorten a war by a day and start it Saturday.

Seems more like the answer supports what they want to do rather than answers the question. Let’s face it every event supports US players regards start times.

Why does it matter if your sleeping when it starts? In six hours your awake and everyone else is sleeping. It’s already a bad enough start time for Aussies because war goes into Monday. This is probably the most logical start time as I assume the majority of their players are from the United States.

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It does matter.

Europe gets 3 x sleeps ( Fri / Sat / Sun night ) and 2 x days
US gets 2 sleeps ( Fri / Sat night ) and 2 days plus an evening

Gives Europe 15% ish less waking time to war

That quote was from Kalishane as well so dubious as to whether factually accurate or not

Cause america first

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Even with 15 Merka 15 Euro that’s a tough faction to fill each war people have lives. You want that golden turd at the top you really have to put in the time and money.

Let me remind you of something, last time there were complaints about unfair start times. …they split war into 2 events over the weekend and euros got their entire Saturday night of war taken.
Don’t you know why they start 4pm pst? They want everyone gone from the office so that when there’s bug and no can drops they are already at the bar.
It’s beyond me why they can’t start war earlier. Americans would me more then happy with earlier start time. Move it up 8 hours one weekend and back the following war on a rotation. …but that’s way to easy

And that makes it perfectrly fair. An event that starts and ends at the same time is fair to every time zone.

No-ones asking for a European bias, just asking for a non US bias

If I was only concerned with European I probably wouldn’t have suggested varying times, but never let the truth get in the way of a smart (!) reply I guess

Does it matter when it starts. I’ve always been confused by this.

But… Gotta war all hours to be competitive. So!!! Head start or not just gotta war.

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That’s just dumb, they need to keep it consistent, whether it’s 7PM or Midnight, whatever, just keep it consistent. And no I would not be happy if war started while I was still at work so I would not be in favor of moving start time up.

It’s settled then! This guy right here says we need to only start when he gets off work…what about all the people who still have war going when they are going to work Monday morning? Screw them huh? As long as u get to have your start time :joy: I am from east coast usa and I see no issue with times being rotated for everyone to get fair jump. I bet your one of those who think faction assault should always start when your awake and doesn’t matter if everyone hits. …keep on surviving
FYI making the game not he catered to you isn’t “dumb”
You believing they should only cater to your times of preference is.

There can be a consistency of rotation. …lol 1 war is 4pm pst time start the next war start time is noon pst …that fact that people on here don’t see rotation as an option blow my mind…

war times start around morning for asian players, so great for us too

That’s a pretty good anology for the situation, the game can’t cater to all at once, some must make changes and move accordingly.