WAR start time please


Can we get a start time for war this weekend? Thanks in advance

Where is War? Or when is it starting?

+1 - Also a more in depth explanation of rewards, other than “5* recruit”? :slight_smile:


Recently war has started around midnight UK time. Current event finishes 10pm UK time and we’ve only had a couple of hours between events these last few weeks so my deduction is something like midnight UK time.

If only we didn’t have to guess…


If I had to guess, it’ll probably be 8pm CST. But like @Kanaima said, we shouldn’t have to guess.

The positive side of me wants to say they are delaying the finalization because they WERE going to make the 5* prize a really shitty one and now because of our feedback, they’re rushing to make it a decent one that’s ascendable.


I wish I could achieve your level of positive thought…


To be fair, I only mentioned that my positive side WANTS to say it :wink:


My guess is 5pm or 8pm est


It just feels like this is going to be one of those late start wars again, sigh.
Friday is the best war day, people are excited, fresh, ready to see what teams have changed. Start it early please! Most people are bored to tears by saturday afternoon and the region dies down hard.

Sunday is usually just farm day, matches have 25 minute wait times, it’s very painful and boring by then.



I work Friday and Saturday, I’m always happy with a late start for war


@kalishane please do answer this


Would be nice to have a window of certainty (note exact time not needed, but target time is helpful).


Is be thrilled if it was later not earlier lol. 5pm war is still fairly late for euro and most of the people in states are still at work or on way home. 8-9pm est allows U.S. players to play and it’s closer to morning time for euro players as well


Good luck, Scopely probably had 4 day work week since Halloween is right around the corner.


Yes, Wartime please. We have to organize our forces. Getting a nap beforehand if it starts 2am again is also not wrong.


8-9pm there is 3am roughly in uk. As a euro, it’s all about the Americans. We never get to war on our Friday night, we just get Saturday, Sunday and sometimes Mondays. For us euros @kalishane it would be nice if you could let us know if the start time is going to be euro friendly start time, so we can know what’s going on!! Plsss


Take a nap now the damn level up tourney isn’t even over.


That’s the problem with being from the future


Im active in that. Maybe I have to do a few 10k’s at the last minute also.


Well then it’s the weeekend, Nut up or shut up! Good luck! :slight_smile:


War will start tonight. I believe we’re aiming for 5PM PST but it sounds like it may be later.