War start time on Saturday

With the level up running 23 hours, this seems like it will be a short war. Personally I this a Saturday/Sunday was is a much better idea. Hopefully it stays this way.

I do too but the milestones are still the same. Perhaps they should lower the milestones if they plan to shorten the war.

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Dont need to lower the milestones just buy cans to hit them lol

Remember, depending on your location in the world, every war is a Saturday/Sunday war


They should have had the level up and war go fri-sun. No reason we can’t have both.


Agree, at least we can take advantage of 5* red tutor Maggie with that fantastic leader skill “a large XP bonus from battles”

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Large = 33 XP ??

We’re aiming for 10AM PT start time on Sat. :slight_smile:

Edit : End time Sunday 10PM PT


@kalishane so basically if your in England you have about 15 hours of war to get 100k milestone. I will be fine but not very fair for the more casual F2P players. Why not start it 3am PT to give all time zones a fair chance!


@Sami 3am PT is not fair for people in PT :stuck_out_tongue:

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Of course it is then it will still be running at 10am pt won’t it. And finish at the same time so you will still have the same length of time to war. Think about your comment and why it doesn’t make sense

I hope the scout time is 3 min… 6m short war… sucks…

@kalishane, will war extend into monday so that it’s roughly the same amount of time as a typical weekend war?

@kalishane will milestones be lowered considering War will be 18 hours shorter than usual?

Lolwut :joy:

I’m saying bring the start time forward so Euro players get an equal amount of time to hit milestones. Not change the finish time so if they start it at 3am pt euros can play and it has no effect on the current planned war times for the PT zone.

I will be fine with milestones but more casual players will struggle in a shorter war format

Thanks Shane! :blush:

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You know the length of war is the same no matter where in the world you are, right? If you are so concern about hitting milestone just play more.

Will edit the above post to clarify! :slight_smile:

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