War - smaller but twice as many

Throwing it out there as an idea - how about war parties of 4 - so 4v4. There is a but… but allow a faction to fight in two wars at once. It could reduce wait times and help the lower factions where there aren’t as many active players.



Me waiting on CD timer after 4 attacks…


I brought this up over a year ago but a little different.

A panel of either 4 or 6 simultaneous wars per faction.
Only 4x4 in each war.
Shorter time, maybe only 30 minutes.

You can choose the panel to join and wait. That way you can war with ppl closer to your activity or strength.

If you are in reserves, you can tap on any active war pane to view war progress.

Similar to Blitz War but multiple at one time.

  • Lower number of active players necessary.
  • Quicker matches.
  • Active factions have ability to rack up massive points due to nearly everyone participating at once (Not 22 spectators).

Agreed… Timers must be reevaluated or removed completely.

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Plus, you are not fighting against the same 8 whales every time.

I think a good option for lower facs would be to have an option for ghost camps. It would randomly select up lets say 4 defenses from the faction and allow the 4 actives to start. There could be a small penalty for having ghost camps. This would allow those low factions to be able to get more wars in and not have to wait 8 hours for 8 and then miss the war cause your asleep.
I would love to see more players be able to build up their rosters for competition. This game constantly has players leaving without new ones to take their place. ( why they leave is a whole other thread)


Ghost camps definitely has merit too.

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Well we used to have 6v6 maybe that could make a comeback?

What does timers have to do with anything?

Nobody wants to use all 8 (or 6 or 4, whatever) energy then sit there looking at a 10 minute timer waiting to hit the camp again.

Constant smash is warranted. Kill kill kill

What about a 4 way 4 v 4 fight.

Using the same maps, each factions gets one of the camps.

Tactics will pay off here, gang up and destroy or free for all.

Match making should be ok, only needing 4 from each faction


Oooooooh I like that one - it could make the harder for the whale facs - or obliterate the weakest before they get out of bed in that stupid tent

I’m all for just 6 vs 6 but I could see 4 vs 4 for factions that don’t have a full faction.

And now a server overload

I like the concept. But i think this benefits the whale factions the most. They now can feed on 12 camps instead of 8. With the recent op premiers, their attack speeds are insane.

This may solve lower factions inability to fill an eight player queue.

But it will not solve low factions facing off against whales. In fact, if you allow factions to have multiple war parties, this will only mean there are more whale factions searching and therefore more chance of being matched with one.

Ghost camps are a good idea, and we had a really good thread on it a while back. Only a good idea if it can’t be exploited e.g. by a faction always setting their best defenders as the ghost camps

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