War side mission rewards!

Like tittleI says ,can’t see my war side mission rewards neither I’m inbox nor in inventory . anyone Else facing same problem

Same problem, if unclaimed, they should have been sent to your inbox. I’ll see what “Support” has to say, :roll_eyes:

Give it some time. I think it can take up to 24 hours.

I sent a nice message to support, I expected they’d arrive more or less with the normal rewards. But if not, no biggie as long as they arrive.

Thanks. I thought I missed out on yet another reward that people could tell me was my fault. :wink: In this case they’d definitely be right though. lol

I was wondering if faction missions were different than solo missions with respect to unclaimed rewards (or maybe changed since the update).

They just arrived, so a bit over 3 hours after end of war. You’ll get them. :+1:

That’s about the same amount of time it takes for onslaught missions to arrive, too.

Faction mates told they got double rewards for war side mission. I dont get it now, all supposed to get once claimed snd then afain at end as bonus or what, i got it only once. Iassume uts a gate i mussed again?

Got mine thanks ladygeek

same over here … most players got 2x the reward lol

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Do you guys remember how many total cards were available? My faction completed all milestones but was only sent 350 total cards. Wasn’t it 600 total available for all milestones?

600 cards

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Seems only for us guys as eu was sleeping meanwhile. Support dont care to answer as always.


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