War Seige Definition

Hello. My question is, In the context of the Total War Missions, what does completing a War Seige consist of ? The game, to my knowledge, never specifically stated how to successfully complete them so I’m kinda lost. A clear explanation would be appreciated. Thank You.

A war win

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A war win, that you’re in…

A war win, that you participate in, or are reserve in…

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:expressionless: Ohh, I’m sittin here thinkin it had sumn to do with towers or something. Thanks

Thanks. I appreciate it

Gotcha, thank you

Siege = the faction match, simply need your faction to win a war with you in the party (can be a reserves)
Battles = the duel with an enemy opponent within a match, i.e. you need to win the attack or scouting of an enemy camp
Attacks = any form of attack during war, you don’t need to win

Not sure if towers count towards the battle/attack count

Be in a war your whole faction wins. One of the harder ones to do for mid to low hit so dont over think it.

Towers do indeed count. Defeating walkers will count you a well deserved win.

I think it is amusing when they suddenly start using a terminology that is completely unfamilar to half the playerbase

Like when they go calling regions ‘realms’ and everyone starts asking what those are

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Hm what other language do I know?
Roadmaps are “dungeons”.

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We haven’t had dungeons popping up for a while :cry:

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I don’t believe reserves count, had some people test it and they said it didn’t.

I certainly had siege wins count when I was reserve. Although once it seemed to me that it didn’t count. Like all things in this game, this is most likely thoroughly bugged.

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So, what I’m still not clear on is whether Onslaught battles over the weekend will count?

No, because that’s not a war siege… Nor is it war.

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I’ve been reserves 4 times, we won twice, my won siege count went up twice. Can’t guarantee that it will count for everyone, but so far I’m OK

Reserve counts