War Searches/Holding/Surrender/Bonuses



Issue 1:

Over the war event weekend I noticed many posts about slow war searches. Many of these post are now gone. That is a shame, why are the posts being removed? The players need to be heard!

It seems that many of the moderators are players and NOT employees of Scopley. I guess they can be called interns. INTERNS should NOT be removing customer complaints and issues. Especially if the issue is NOT resolved.

Issue 2:

So many top factions across all regions are getting screwed by war searches. Scopley wanted to “balance” and makes war events “fair.” That is a complete false statement. Scopley wants these factions to continue spending.

I viewed screenshots of factions being either undefeated or having very few losses, and those factions were ranked 2nd, 3rd or a worse place within their regions. While 1st and/or 2nd place had a dozen or more losses. There is a solution! I will get to that in a few sentences from now.

Within my region I noticed a few factions boosting each other. Primarily the 2nd place and 3rd place factions. So I came up with a plan. The plan was to no longer allow Scopley to dictate my factions search , but for my faction to control its own search. So I told the team, to prevent them from boosting each other and for us to control our own search we hold the 2nd place faction every battle.

3rd place was a few hundred-thousand points behind and was not a threat to us. But they dislike the 1st place faction enough to boost 2nd. Any how, #HOLDING went into effect! A masterful plan, it destroyed the 2nd place faction. They started surrendering every battle against us, we still held them until the time was down to its final minutes.

Around the 2nd time holding them, I started noticing something, an influx of points. So I inquired customer service if the winning faction received an additional bonus if the losing faction surrenders. In game support directed me to consult the forum. Now that is poor customer service.

If there is a bonus, then top factions should hold inferior factions until they surrender. Maybe then all factions will complain and searches will go back to normal.


Don’t you just get the 5k points for a win? and all camps are considered destroyed?


The points we were getting were much larger than that.

Also, the other faction was not repairing.


@kalishane Can you either verify or deny that there is a added bonus when a factions surrenders?


We had a fac doing guerilla war, queue up, use 4 e, wait to eetreat if not dead, retreat by 20.01… repeat.

They somehow ended up with 20 more wars than some of the most war happy facs in our region just can farming…and finished top 10 i believe. Thats insane considering aome facs waited for 30 min just to get obliterated in 10 min.


Losing is why they weren’t top 3.