WAR scouting questions....?


Can someone please tell me why teams change line ups after they’re scouted before WAR starts?

Do people know they’ve been scouted and change their teams in that 5 minute period?

I’ve had this happen quite a few times so I’m confused as to why the lineup changes…could be 1 toon, sometimes 2.

Another thing I’ve noticed is it’s noticebly easier to kill scouted teams than it is when WAR starts. Is this because they get the generals group protection?


Yes, generals will provide their camp with a 20% def boost. This will be active when war starts.

Secondly, the team line up changes because people are “hiding” their main def teams. They will either swap to a different team, or change their mind depending on the team they are facing. It is strategic and sometimes the war camp icon lags behind a bit.


They are hiding their War Defense, to surprise you when you attack for real. Not much of a surprise after 3 days of War though :grin:


Thanks guys…!!!