War Scout Time Too Long


Is there any belief in reducing scout timer in 8v8 wars? I mean 3 minutes is okay but anything over that is kind of dumb. After facing a team a time or two I know what defense they truly have and give no freaks about the poser team they put up before war actually starts!


I actually don’t mind it. It gives me enough time to stop what I’m doing at work before I need to play lol


Lol okay that is the only vantage


Huge benefit. Directly related to search times.

Good match ups last 20-60 minutes. 6 minute scout is 10% of total battle time if it goes the full length.

Bad match ups last 6-10 minutes. Nearly half ur time can be spent in scout mode. At worst it’s doubling the inactive period.

3 minutes would be my preferred. 2 min would be worth trying but may feel rushed.


I’m fine with where they are. As someone mentioned with search times and whatnot people need some time to get in the game and I know this is a foreign concept to most people but occasionalllllly actually talk STRATEGY :):scream:

Depending on the fac you are playing, even if it’s one you have played before what players they are playing, etc. I know it’s crazy right.


In a 2 day plus period why do you need to discuss strats when you have probably done this on day 1? And to join a war you are in the game. Sometimes with searches taking 5 mins or more an added 6 mins wait oftens creates inactive players.


3 minutes tops. Blitz wars are so much better because you don’t have to just sit and wait forever on it to start.


I like the timing of Blitz all in general even the 30 minute wars. Keeps everything moving fast. 60 mins should be reserved for CRW and the long scouting because we know nothing about another region


Yes!! I nearly fall asleep waiting for war. The scouting period is LONG. Please shorten it!!!


Lol do you guys just sit there and watch the timer move the whole time I like the wait time a lil bit gives time to smoke a Newport, make a sandwich, coffee, hot pocket etc.


This last region war I was just wishing that the timer would magically break and only last half the time that it currently does.

We have individual minimums to meet every war and every second waiting is points lost.


Even three minutes is too long imo, a high proportion of people hide their defence team during the scouting period anyway, so all your really achieving by scouting the opposition is losing 1 raid energy in exchanger for 250 food.

Utterly worthless


It gives people a bit of time to get focused on war and stop what they were doing outside of the game. If the notifications pushed better(saying you got a match is inconsistent for me), I’d be more for it, but at 3 am, I can’t be bothered to check my phone every 3 minutes to make sure we didn’t get a match after an hour wait time


Reduce the wait time to the blitz wait time. It agree that it’s way too long. The queue time often sucks so waiting 20-30 min and then have to wait another 6 min is just too much sitting around doing nothing.


Controversially I’m going to disagree. Maybe its because I get on with real life in-between battles, but I find the current timer provides a decent amount of time to put down what you are doing, confirm tactics with the rest of the war party and be ready for the tower scramble. It also provides some needed opportunity to farm and undertake other in game activities - although I appreciate that the search time is usually ample to do this as well.
The current 6-and-a-bit minutes is a bit long. 5 minutes would be adequate. But I think 3 minutes is too short.


Scout time = pee pee time


Hand play is not peeing…
Pooping may take 6 mins but peeing does not.

3 minutes is perfect 6 is dumb AF


3 minutes is plenty. As someone said, people leave their drop lead team up so scouting doesn’t matter.


IMO 6 mins extra wait is no fun after a 15 min search. And let’s be honest, no good faction needs any strategy talk except what towers to focus on.


This is a very interesting discussion. :slight_smile: I personally feel that the scouting time is nice to have, and would rather have a scouting time of at least 5 minutes. Why? Because on our servers (and I would imagine on many others), the slowest queues start during the Euro shift, 9 am CET (which would make it at around 3 am CDT) and the searches usually take between 20 - 30 mins, if we’re lucky.

With this in mind, people do other things in the meantime, be it in the game such as farm/daily SR or real life things such as doing the dishes and other boring household chores. I have been known to tinker with my spreadsheets while waiting to be matched up. :slight_smile: As it is now, it gives us ample time to settle back into the game and get ready for the match. 3 minutes to stop whatever it is we might be doing to get back into the match, and another 3 to solidify the plan of attack and go over tactics.

Perhaps 7 minutes could be shortened down to 5 minutes, but I would feel that everything under 5 minutes is too short.