War scoring help


Can anyone provide a break down of the points that can be scored during war there used to be bonus points for killing the genrel last in the group but noticed during war alot of teams are now taking genrel 1st I assume theres still a bonus points when you take down a whole group 1st @kalishane can you help


The last camp bonus hasn’t gone down a bunch, because there were problems with people trying to snipe it. There are bonus points for being in a tower, as well as being gen.


Thanks so theres no benefit to taking general out last anymore with extra points so your better off getting him 1st so rest of camps lose the protection


Anyone else willing to talk about this


War score have been the same all time, with some tweaks in which individual and faction scores are divided.

First off, there s a base war score, which, I think, is determined by your roster strength and the opponents strength. You then get extra for killing all the toons of your opponent (20 per toon), get a general bonus if you are a general (100) and and a bonus for having a team in a tower (100) and / or attacking a player that has a team in a tower (100).

You get extra points for a 5, 10 and 20 win streak.

Killing a camp gets the faction a bonus, killing a group as well as killing the entire opposition. Last points are also determined by how many toons the person doing the last atk has left on his team. Every toon lost lowers the amount of points your faction get for the faction kill.


Yea just seen last war alot of players killing genrel 1st so thinking maybe the bonus is not there anymore for leaving him to last


By my knowledge there was never a bonus for killing general last. Killing general first is a good strategy as it removes the generals defense bonus for the other camps in the group. Being a general sucks…


General bonus (when you are gen) is just individual points tho, so it won’t help your faction.

I forget about the tower bonus. Are they faction or individual?


Key changes to war scoring in update 6.x.x:

Bonuses for finishing camps, groups, and factions are now given to the faction, not individuals.
Players will earn partial points when attacking, even when they ultimately lose.
Generals now receive bonus points when attacking, to reward their commitment.
Players holding strongholds now get bonus points when attacking camps.
Attacking a camp that is holding a stronghold also gives bonus points.
The score boost for wiping out an enemy faction in the lead has been removed.


Not sure what bonus there was for killing a general last. Always kill gens first to wipe the 20% def. There was a bonus for killing a camp but not the general that I was ever aware of.