War scores do not show


I can’t see the war scores anymore after the event finished. You cant even see past scores anymore. I can’t keep track like that how my folks do.


My war boards been stolen!
Reward if found!
Call Flamesy on blount.


This is a very annoying bug.

Steps to to reproduce:

  1. participate in war
  2. allow war event to end
  3. wait for war results modal
  4. view league standings, click next
  5. see Top 3 factions, click “LEADERBOARD”

expected result:
Leaderboard shows with all factions in the war

Actual result:
No leaderboard shows.


Same boat… It’s time to solve bugs , not to introduce newer even more stupid than sets we’ve still running from years.


It’s yet another post with this problem. I’m reporting it since beta so … 3 weeks ?

@JB.Scopely sir pls pls pls it’s affecting way too many of us. Thanks!


I guess alot will dodge the boot from poor war scores


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