War! Scopley give us wars finaly!

Plses give us 1 CRW and 1 AOW…(everyone will be happy).But before Vinter tokens ends…


Assume it will be this weekend. They skipped a week due to the holidays. Chillax :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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Go have fun and put the game aside

Don’t ruin your Christmas and new year holiday


+1 we have to programm please

Very few wars means fewer people will be hitting trophy milestones this season…

Fk aow scrap it, crw or nothing


Please crw no aow, last aow sucks btw

A weekend AOW is trash. Maybe a midweek 24 hour AOW blitz but as for the every other week make it crw. To satisfy some make it a 2-4 region and 6-8 for the other. Just make sure it’s crw every other week and not AOW. @JB.Scopely


Everyone saying CRW is best is clearly drunk or something. The rewards are garbage and so are the matchups (AOW has bad matchups because of the lack of factions so that’s more understandable than CRW).


So they both have bad match ups.

Aow rewards were poor, and likely to continue as such. So now the prize argument is weaker than ever.

Low rank factions in crw still get screwed but you could always grow the faction and get better.

Seems crw is the only mode offering competitive value to the game.

So therefor CRW is indeed better as RTS has stated that such is the games heart or whatevs they said.


AOW rewards the few factions in a region with good rewards, in CRW those factions will get under top 10 and get less and less rewards. Growing the faction and getting better? Sorry, that isn’t a good excuse for CRW having bad matchups and terrible rewards. Only competitive value I see is people under top 10 getting the top 3 factions over and over.

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AoW = not trying and yet still getting rewards

This in itself is a disqualifier for it given the current game design being global not local

We all think match making could and should be improved upon. But that isn’t solved by AOW as you’ve admitted it also sucks.

Atleast crw offers opportunity for improvement. AoW can not improve in the current game. No insemtive to repopulate a region.

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It’s solved by AOW because without having a CRW you can’t complain about CRW having bad matchups (this is hypothetical, I’m saying with an AOW present, you can’t complain that CRW has bad matchups. It also gives them time (even though it should have been done by now) to fix the matchups of CRW). Never said AOW sucks. Complete opposite of what I said. Both can improve though. You act like the company cares about improving anything in the game.

You can also not try in CRW and get rewards (it also depends on what you mean, players not trying or faction as a whole).

Act? Just commenting as a player. Same as I always have. Not some gradious statement of this to come, just an opinion.


AoW died with transfers.

An individual might squeek by but if that faction is worth their salt their correct accordingly.


please no AOW anymore, i want CRW, more better rewards from CRW tbh

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Guess we can agree to disagree then. But we both clearly know both can use some kind of improvement.

Maybe if you’re in a whale faction.

that is a lie

CRW is better maybe for top 3 factions there by rewards so if u are not in whale faction you get probably supply points at the end…AOW has much better rewards and if u guys get into active regions you could enjoy it way more
I remember 1st CRW ever had a toon for top 10 and others got a few thousand of tokens which was more than in AOW but from time when 6* came in anyway all war rewards sucks compared to old ones