attack hacker in the beginning of war, player 121 passing super teams in seconds, where he did 7K in 3 minutes of start and 32K over team with 2 lidi dante jesus and Gabriel, 2 violeta ty jesus and gabrie.Marshall wolves north. please clean this game

Believe it or not there are people who look weak compared to others but can be extremely strong. Wolf in sheep’s clothing.

Also where are you getting S9++ from?

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you dont know what that player has been through. he might have that f2p def team, but his atk team is god like

You take 40 seconds from the tower, you do 9 attacks in 2 minutes and 20 seconds? and that government A would be blocked by time?

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Believe it or not but rocket abe can take towers under 40 seconds, and I can do 4 attacks under 2 minutes :man_shrugging:


I don’t even need rocket Abe to take towers in less than 40 seconds, 40 seconds nowadays for the towers is slow.

I’ve taken towers in 26 seconds with rocket abe at one point :man_shrugging: just was a crw where walkers weren’t programmed like normal to waste 3 turns per wave.

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Both teams have 34k scorer at 40 min

Where’s the cheating?


shows a player there for me that does 9 attack in 2.30 minutes? and I will delete this post, because until then this nvl 121, with dolls in the series 3 pass super teams like gabriel 2 violeta jesus ty, erika erika magna macke and gabriel 2 fights jesus and dante in that time, for me it is hacker, if you find normal I can not do anything

Are you jealous op?

This player likely did not go for towers and just went for scoring. I’m not sure this is in the realm of no possibilities. There are some combos that are extremely fast. Especially if their team mates grabbed the atk tower while they hit 1-2 times before bonus was applied.

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