War rewards this War?

Any news of the upcoming war rewards anyone?

Here you go


Thank you!

Awful awful awful. Just when we had good milestones in last war we go back to shit. We had a guaranteed canteen or gps and now its gone. 5* tokens? Really? This is a joke. Where are the RTP tokens?


They could have at least put mask, bandoliers, whitestones or double holsters in the bags… these prizes are the worst so far.

RTP times out 1/2 way through war, about 16 hours left to redeem your tokens. Make sure to use them! :pray:

Maybe I am lucky or the exception, but I have 31 adens/lilith’s right now, and that is after maxing shiva’s AR.

I have 22 Ulysses, again after maxing Shiva’s active skill.

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I have been getting 2-3 lilith’s a week from world stages. I have 6 maxxed, the rest, the ones I don’t use are at 6+. I use the AR scavenger mission for those.

This event might run longer than the rise to power event maybe that’s why they’re lacking thoseoh what Domo said

They should have put them in the lower milestones at least i think so people could grab them before the end. The 2nd stash costing 375 per pull was terrible they should have done 250 at most.

Any suggestions on how you get those trainers?

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Honestly, I would have accepted a chance at a Radio or a Watch. I have the required trait-specific gear to T3 an alert, strong, and fast legend. But I only have one Radio.

I need a GPS. Have 7 radios and 11 watches.

Still long wars for gear and some useless tokens meh.All the top people in our region don’t want to play.

And now 8v8!?? Try reaching the top milestone in a region that only has 3 active factions and maybe two that front up for some points then disappear for the rest of the war…

Merge us already (Atkinson) or give us CRW only!

There has been a grand total of 2 wars in my region. When it’s 6v6 for us it works better but we were stuck at 6/8 for over an hour

I thought Atkinson already got merged?

Yep. Back to square one. Number of factions died, people leave, those that remain get absorbed into Factions that remain. Rinse Repeat

Usual pattern is that most active or most beefier players flock together and dominate the region. Game design works against itself/longevity

Maybe they need to start introducing caps to how strong a faction can be so people are forced to split up and that way there will be many more active factions. Works in sports right?

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