War rewards : the killing joke

Well, I can’t understand. I hope someone will explain this to me.
Why the hell are we getting those watches and radios when all our 6* are already third tiered?
Are these rewards really better than last CRW ones ?

  • Watches/radios are fine
  • We need canteen/GPS or other 6* 4th tier gear

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Do you know what is in the gold crate? Also I think that having watches is still good. I need to t3 three more 6*s and have no other source of watches+radios other than the fac. assault depot.

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5* fodder, 3 watches/radios and 3 trait specific active trainers? I thought @kalishane said these would be better then crw?

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I have 1 6* to t3, 8 watches no radios. Was really hoping for 6* t4 gear.

MEANWHILE, if you have an absolute desire to crush war/CRW to win these awesome prizes come on over to the premier recruit where fancy-hat-Andrea will be available!

Fancy-hat Andrea slices and dices. She has hold the line, confuse, bonus HP, pain split - everything you need to crush those pesky F2P Shiva teams that just got cool-shades-command-Glenn. So come on down!

And once you’ve spent that US$500 pulling 5 fancy-looking fodder, be sure to move over to the stash screen and spend another 36,000 coins for that GPS/canteen out of frustration to tier 4 your Erika! 6* T3 maxed Erikas are for noobs! Don’t be a noob! Pull today!

This is going to be an exciting weekend of fun! Yay!



5 Star tokens do nothing for me. Pulled freaking Lester today. I’m good. Keep them.

Are the milestones worth doing at least?


Disappointing and frustrating. No T4 gear, no 6stars as war reward. Always the same boring stuff. Apart from that, there is no challenge, no difference if you become first, second or third place with your faction. It doesn’t matter, if your are able to pull 1 or 2 5*s in the end. It’s just a farming event, not a tough fight to get to the top of the leaderboard. Factions will save their cans and have a calm weekend.


Glad to see my decision to quit playing this app was the right one. Prestige 12…RIP.

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and more players will quit, ffs

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Golden crates contains trait active skill teachers.
Bud dude. 6* were released 5 months ago. Everybody, p2w or not, top faction or not already upgraded their 6* to T3. That’s why everyone is so pissed off.