War Rewards Suggestion

I recently had a week of no cell/wifi access which resulted in a week of no RTS access. It was a nice break from the game as I have been playing less and less due to a maxed roster. Before I left, I did read several complaints about war rewards and have an idea. I have been in a top 15 faction for over a year now. We’ve made the top 10 a couple times in war but never high enough to win a toon when they were given as rewards. I also recall a post in which @kalishane explained that the previous reward structure only made the strongest factions stronger. I’ve also seen ascension called a soft reboot of the game to which I would agree. I also agree that the rewards have been underwhelming but I can understand why Scopely doesn’t want ascendable toons to be given out as war rewards. So here’s my solution:

Create a War Stash of all existing, non-legacy 6-stars plus some newly created ones only available in this War Stash. War Stash toons can only be obtained with War Stash Tokens and those tokens can only be obtained as War Rank rewards. Pulling for 1 toon would cost 10 War Stash Tokens. 1st Place wins you 7 tokens. So yes, for the regions where the #1 team is always #1, they will not get a toon each time. 2nd place gets 6 tokens, 3rd place 5 all the way down to the last place factions (that participated) who would get 1 token. So yes, any faction that participates will get a chance at these 6-star toons every 10 wars.

New toons will be added to the stash periodically so that by design, no faction will ever be able to complete this stash but no player will ever pull a duplicate from this stash (though they may already have the toon from the premier wheel). New premier toons should not be added to the stash until they are a few months old at least. It is meant more for variety than completion. Faction members will no longer get the same prize/toon.

Finally, there will of course be other rewards with these tokens - 6-star gear, 5-star tokens, 4-star weapon tokens, trainers, etc etc

I think this may make the rewards better while keeping a slightly better balance in the game than before. Top factions and spenders will still have larger 6-star rosters and better kick-ass teams but new and f2p players and factions will at least be able to get 2-3 6-stars in a year.


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