War rewards slap in the face

100k always gets you 1 gps & 1 canteen & 200k did the same

We have this over stocked requirements for the new event , we need gear for level ups so what do you do?

1 canteen at 100k then 1 gps at 200k

Why you slapping us in the face with a wet fish scopely??

I will still refuse to buy gear offers & now even more determined not to buy any offers , want my money ? Stop mugging us off & treat us with respect.


You can buy respect with an offer just for you. Only $25 a month.


Dude… just get 200k and get the gps and canteen not that hard.


Even if this was possible for the masses, it’s still half as many as 200k netted you last war…


Use 5*s for level-ups.

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7 gold mods is a nice enough replacement.


I wouldn’t assume permanent change unless they keep this for a few wars. I don’t mind rewards switching around as CRW is the only war they run now. I prefer gear but gold mods are the headliner these milestones

If CRW is going to be the go to event going forward, expect rewards to be like this or less.

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After you open the fifth maim resist crit set let us know if you’re still excited.


TRUe, but at this point of the game you should be fighting for fun and not rewards.

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Did someone say maim resist?


I can feel your pain bro !!

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Yes, @Kungaloosh mentioned maim resist.

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Fun and rewards are not mutually exclusive

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Why does everyone lie about not wanting anything “rewards” to progress in the game. By your statement, stay level 1 and chat with your friends with protecto bot lurking in the chat ready to hashtag you to death. Enjoy the game and if you dont like it, uninstall it. Yea right, you want weapons, toons, gear, mods, etc to progress. Some of you need to get a grip


This is going in my TWD RTS memes folder :rofl:

I’m okay if they rotate it between gps/canteens and mods. Sure mods are a risk, but they are vital in this game. People waste canteens and gps recklessly because of level up points. I honestly use about 14/15 six stars in total between defense and offense. And that might be a high number lol.

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If you don’t get gear, you can’t max toons, if you can’t max toons you can’t compete and if you can’t compete it isn’t any fun


I agree… but 5 a month should be plenty for most. Do I have a bunch of toons at t3 that would be nice to put to t4? Sure. But it would only be for level up purposes. I wouldn’t use any of those toons.

Having said that… they treat gear like it’s sacred. Absolutely ridiculous.

When players say they play for friends only, they’re most likely lying