War rewards positive side

With the percentage of hostile posts I feel the need to make one saying thanks for listening and helping make these great war rewards @kalishane

I hear a lot of negativity regarding these (shocker I know online trolls and whatnot) but please I would like people to really sit back and look at what you are getting if you were to complete your milestones:

1st place: 4 Ulysses and/or Liliths, 3 Watches and/or Radios, 2 Benedicts, other goodies
2nd place: 3 Ulysses and/or Liliths, 2 Watches and/or Radios, Benedict, other goodies
3rd place: 2 Ulysses and/or Liliths, 1 Watch and/or Radio, Benedict, other goodies.

It looks like the top 50 facs at least also get at least a Watch/Radio? Top 10 get Benedicts? Which have been hard as hell to get lately (another gripe I might have). Looks like everyone is winning here. I don’t see the problem other then a few malcontents spreading troll crap and having a lot of other people just nod there head and say ya ya that is bad and not even look at it!

I personally try to get to these 1.25 MILLION level up milestones (that I will complain about FFS c’mon) just to get a damn RADIO. These things are like gold. And if we get 1st place I get THREE Watches/Radios? FOUR 6 star active trainers and/or AR level ups? Benedicts too?

Wow if I made a wishlist I think you just checked all the boxes off other then giving me a 6 star toon already ascended this is the best reward I can think of. They already said they werent giving any 6 star ascendable toons right now like 100 times for faction event rewards right now so get that out of your HEAD. Other then that this list is perfect.

Thank you for listening!!!


The rewards have been so bad lately that this is how many will feel. Yet we are still waiting for the ability to get enough 5* and trainers to ascend 2 6* per month. Ohh and lets not forget the ascendance medals map and the gear maps that were in the same message… Oh but because it was just a designer it doesnt count, it was not in Alberts letter. Alberts letter has only had one item fulfilled and that is a dedicated CM. All she amounts to is Max Headroom with a pretty face.

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Thanks for the feedback. However I will let you know my faction has done fairly well for ourselves :slight_smile:

We have won every faction event on our regions in the last couple months…oh except for that one war where the matchmaking had us go undefeated and lost to a team that had 20 more matches then us and we never played. Now that! That was rant worthy :frowning:

People get obsesses with the toons. You can only have 5 on your team people!! Yes having a good depth of roster is important of course. Tower defense, raiding, defense team, territories. I get that. But still having your toons upgraded is more important then getting more most of the time. And these rewards are perfect for that!

I’ve given up on rewards, i’m more bothered about the absence of any ascendable old school 5*s. Come on, that list is going to take 2 years at this rate, no chance of early 2018

Not putting up with dogpiling or bullying.
Chill everyone. It’s Friday!

Thank you!


I would love to see those old 5 stars they said were becoming ascendable actually ascendable…We have seen 1 person on that list so far?

What exactly do you guys want in rewards if not for this? Bearing in mind again they already said MULTIPLE times they were not giving out ascendable 5 stars right now.

Also for war…I don’t even care about the rewards tbh this is just icing on the cake. War is why I play this game…I don’t need a reward for that!! lol

I always use the polls. Thank you for making them! I will continue to share in my reports!

I really miss being able to give threads 1 star.


What exactly are we supposed to do with these trainers and nice gear? That’s the point… if your in a number 1 faction like you say you are then you have enough of this stuff for the current toons.

They need to release more six stars period. It’s a joke.

Ironically enough, his faction was accused of being Scopely employees during the last CRW :joy:


Well like has been said many times. They weren’t issuing those as rewards right now. Period. So what would you have liked instead in this war?

All I’m saying is the rewards that are here based on what we have been told about 6 stars and 5 star asecndables not being handed out are pretty damn good.

What about the falsehoods of spencer? Also, you mentioned transparency in another post so be transparent about the legacy 5s that would become 6s by early 2018. Last we saw was siddiq but yet new premium toons are released every week. Give us the lowdown and quit hiding the truth from us.


Lol. Yes we are all a bunch of scopley employees. I wish my odds of getting weapons were better if I was :frowning: You know you haven’t truly hit it to the big time without being accused of cheating and/or working for the company lol

That’s not the point. Don’t say they are good rewards just because they said toons are being given out. We need to demand toons. They sure were able to get Beta out in premier recruits for money right?

I don’t want to war against that same exact teams for the next 3 months because they won’t release toons. It’s horrible.

I agree with all that. That being said most of the people just saying ‘u suck’ does not really help matters. I for one will be glad to use this gear on those upcoming 6 stars but they better damn well come out soon I’m with you on that. I just heard a lot of people say dont give us tokens we want trainers and gear if not toons. Well that is what they did! LOL

I have a long list of stuff I’m pissed about with the game, trust me I am no shill. How about my faction getting fucked by finishing 2nd TWICE in war while going UNDEFEATED just because of matchmaking. Scopely employees my butt why on earth would we let that happen when war is the most important thing to us. I could care less about level ups and raids and sr bleh bleh. I’ll do it sure but only to be stronger for war. That’s why I play.

But using that logic, does people saying “these rewards are great” really help matters either?


I gave examples of why I thought they were great…that is my point. Anyone who doesn’t like it I’m find with their opinion as we are all entitled to have ours. I won’t call you stupid or an idiot just because you don’t agree with me. But just saying ‘u suck’ without giving clarification as to what exactly YOU WANT is not productive.

Again I saw people saying if they couldnt get a ascendable toon they wanted trainers, liliths, and gear and not tokens. That is exactly what we got lol.

What do you guys want if not an ascendable toon?

The difference between a Uylssess and a Lilith is very significant. RNG can screw over people who do 500K war points by giving them 4 Liliths and zero Active Skill trainers, that’s a kick in the yarbles.

Sorry, but no. This is the game as of right now: grind for things needed to get toons leveled up, compete for gear to get toons upgraded, grind for more stuff to level up toons some more, compete again for more gear. And that’s it. Essentially, we level up toons and we grind. This is not fun by anybody’s definition. And that gear you think we’re so lucky to get as prizes should come by way of gear maps, just as it has for 5 stars, not from war prizes, unless it comes alongside a shiny new 6 star!