War Rewards Poll

Since scopely seems to be shifting war rewards to stashes, let’s see how much of the community agrees with this change. Which war reward do you prefer.

  • War stashes
  • War wheels
    *War stashes but give more tokens to lower ranks
    *War wheels but give more tokens to lower ranks

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If War stashes lasted across multiple wars (so the lowest rank tier made one eventual pull before it ended), then stashes. Right now, wheels are preferable.

And put on an open 10 button!


Completely prefer wheels that stay for 20+ days where you can actually get a toon! I’ve gone two wars now (as a regional second place faction) where I didn’t even get a toon.

These stashes don’t even have good things inside aside from the toon and the toons aren’t always even great. At least with the wheel you usually have a chance at something decent


Yea, the token should carry over. So lower factions could at least get a toon every now and then.

I wouldn’t say a stash is bad per se. In fact, with stashes we actually get more rewards (in terms of items) than we used to before.

It’s just that there is just so much garbage in there. Gear and Liliths in larger quantities would go a long way. Stuff like this would loosen those strangleholds and make players happier. But warring a weekend to get some craftable weapon parts out of a stash is a slap in the face imho.


Don’t get me started on those rebel trainers lol. Is this war rewards or a time capsule?


I dont want either, i want a bloody shirt, smelling salt and a burt maybe like 500 4* tokens cause ya know 4* defense and attack teams are op :roll_eyes:


Are you dumb? Scopely would never be that nice. They’re already being generous giving us nerve gas vials and grenades as war stash rewards.

Yea they are so kind, they care so much about their game and players and customers, we should all just shutup, be content and buy all the offers in the store, in fact lets just mail scopely money directly cause they are so amazing :roll_eyes:


Poll is broke

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I messed it up like a bozo and now I cant edit it


I have done that many times

There we go. Trash kal, trash laura, trash rick and trash bryan

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Kal looks decent,Rick looks good and Bryan isn’t bad at all

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War tokens should persist, if $copley is worried about people hoarding them until a good batch just set a cap at 80 or whatever and then you can’t get anymore or whatever.

Also CRW scaling is garbage, rewards spread waaaay too thin for 8 regions, but greedy stinkers are gonna’ be greedy amirite.


Tbh bryan is prob the only one who is quite in the meta. I feel like Kal is a one turn killed character and rick isnt bad but how do you even use him to make a decent team?

Why would i even care though its only for top 6 factions. People who already have top tier characters and will use these rewards as liliths or food

I dont mind the stashes…wheels usually give me crud.

I would take a Harlan over a wool beanie!

It’s been said before, but the biggest issue with the stashes is top facs will never use these toons. The war stash toons are basically useless to those who win them (myself included), but they’d be a blessing to someone in a lower fac. Multiple tiers of crates with escalating rewards corresponding to placement would be nice, but it’s lacking that trademark Scopely greed factor


Another classic poll fail.

Well intended. =-(

Now I don’t know what to select.


All 4 are pretty garbage… certainly for anyone able to finish in top 3 of CRW.

Laura has been f2p legacy for a long while, bryan was given away for free event. (I have both, but haven’t ascended either)

Then there is lacerator rick, and kal.

As I recall, Kal was panned on release as garbage, and can only be even worse after the aging.

Lacerator rick… ehh… i would like to try a bleed offense for kicks, but hardly a good crw prize for the few that do pull, and 25% chance at that.

As much crap as the war stash gets, its even sadder that the rewards have degraded so rapidly. We went from Revive/Lead carl to White shiva to Kal in just 3 CRW’s.