War rewards personal milestone additions


I think scopely should add a few more personal milestone levels for war. There are alot of people that pull 200k, 300k plus and all that work doesn’t get rewarded.
I would think no rng based crates. Maybe some useful 4 star gear like hockey masks and stuff like that would incentivise more people to score more and reward those that already work super hard.


I agree completely. But they did that at least once and people got super mad for some reason.


I have no memory of that! Really? @Skade


We got supper mad because it was Impossible to surpass for like everyone. 400 k is not a joke and the steps were (if i remember correctly) 100k/150k and then directly 400k for a duct tape.


I think the point is that by adding extra milestones, there is a risk that Scopely add more vital/neccessary gear and items against them which puts this stuff out of reach of ordinary players leading to outrage. See the solo level up milestone Dwight shirts issues in the other thread for a great example of this