War Rewards - No incentive to battle to the top?


Let’s face it, there is little difference between 3rd and 25th. All Top 25 get two GPS/Canteen bags which is great. But apart from 7,000 5★ tokens (meh) and a Ulyesses, what incentive is there for a faction to bust a gut for 3rd when they could cruise into 25th?


There’s no incentive which makes it kinda boring. Dreading this weekends war’s disappointing prizes. I hate warring for fodder. There’s not even a real prize to winning… lmao. Only thing looking nice are the milestones


I’m pretty excited for kits and tapes in milestones myself


Shooting your self in the foot here, scopely.


Agreed. Cruise to 100k, keep in top 25 and refill cans. Easy weekend


wow…disappointed tbh. I don’t want gear markers. I’d rather have top end 6 star gear than duct tape and PKs which is what they offered before. No rise to power tokens??


At this point there can’t be any feet left to shoot.


Actually, markers in place of gear I can get from a gear map is good. At least it can be used for food. However clearly 6★ gear all the way


Zero reason why there are not r2p tokens as prizes, zero drive to push for any individual ranking differences at the top
You convert that 20k fodder tokens to 5k r2p or whatever would be hands down better.



Yep. There’s our sought after ascendable prize, too(Rick). They have been doing well lately but still haven’t figured this prize stuff out


I find the lack of event items… disturbing.


Seems like a HUGE missed opportunity to not include anything r2p related in their biggest event. Also we just lost out on 60ish tickets this weekend going forward so now unless an uptick is done rick is going to need additional purchases to close the gap if this trend continues next war as well.

Big Epic cross region event running the same time your biggest weekend tournament rolls in and it has zero connection…just can’t really connect the dots anymore.


They gonna have r2p bags for sale during the event though! 250 coins for 20 r2p tokens, Woohoo!


I saw those haha yea let me spend 1250 coin or roughly 7 pulls per $100…oh and remember the 2nd part of the rick stash…375 tokens per pull…


You work hard to get into a top spot, just to only receive thisGIF-180301_132656


0 incentive to wallet this one.


Maybe, just maybe they’re trying deliberately to reduce peoples activity during war weekends. Who wants to spend 3 days warring solid every other weekend anyway, that shits not healthy. Maybe just become less active and here’s the kicker… actually enjoy the game in a casual way as it was intended rather than sacrificing so much real life for a mobile game?


Can’t blame @kalishane for rewards. They are not set by her.

However, this is getting ridiculous. With all of the 6* out now, why is it so hard to get an ascendable toon?


At the end of the rewards it says this.


Still a huge let down CRW is the end game event. Like i said earlier just a big missed opportunity regardless of what’s in the pipeline. People look forward to war and some of the rewards are nice but the 5* tokens for CRW is just old and tiresome at this point.

Granted it’s not kalis fault but she has to deliver the news.