War Rewards missing due to game resetting itself AGAIN


We’ve all opened up the app, opened up an icon or moved to another region for it to load up, 15 seconds later go back to the main title screen (Rick and negan squaring off)

this is what happened to me this morning again, as soon as i claimed my war rewards the game paused for a second then went back on to title screen where i was reverted to the start point of when i opened the app/game up … checked if my 17,500 x 5* Tokens were still ion my inventory to which they were not, waited for war rewards screen to pop back up again, it didnt … then checked my rewards mail box to which nothing is in there.

To the usual scopely replies that i need to collect them from my claim box before they expire to the wifi problems or low memory on my phone … judging that its a new phone and i opened game up at home then again in work 2 hours after the problem occurred i do not believe it is a problem my end

@kalishane is there a way this can be escalated via the TWDsupport email address as i dont want this problem going into anorther event as ive had problems before and have had to just lose out on rewards in the past more than once due to these kind of errors