War rewards might as well be supply points

Another post about victory tokens. Under a week left to get the amount required. If you’re not one of the lucky top 2 factions you’ll most likely not have enough to do a pull and it will expire and convert to sp. So what’s the odds?


You say lucky like it’s some kinda RNG that they got placed on the top of the leaderboard in war that’s called working for it.


You’re assuming that I’m saying that it’s sort of rng they got placed on the top, when in fact I am not. I literally mean if you’re lucky enough to be in a top faction. There are many others who are capable of being in said factions by dominating in war but unfortunately don’t have a spot in them. Plus it being crw this week will be extra hard. Don’t just assume, think.

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Excuses excuses maybe if there’s so many ppl that can’t get into a top faction because their not “lucky enough” they should form their own faction now to get back on topic I do feel the rewards should be increased for the lower ranks in crw for sure the little amount of tokens is just plain stupid


Even the 2 placed factions is likely to only get one pull or two depending on what CRW rewards are. Too many paid to pull wheels out there.

For certain regions in certain CRW groupings, it basically is.

Think also about non english/non 24h regions. Is it their fault?
Im referring to ru/es/tr/ja/it ones, where youve people from a single country and not being able to keep it up for 24h.

If they are a real top faction they queue around the clock regardless of geographical location or region restrictions.

Several Es/It/Tr factions queue as much as you’d expect from an international region top fac

I got 50 from first AOW, might get 5-10 from upcoming CRW?(CRW is shit), I wouldn’t mind using my saved coins from league to buy the bags for them.

Being in a top faction isn’t hard only a few of the best in the game u gotta spend bank to be in

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A screenshot of some sort or maybe even a list of items up for grabs would of been nice


You’re silly. No matter how hard you fight you’ll either be in a top spot or just missed it in War it’s as simple as that.

Not exactly. How do you think the top faction win war is it because their just very lucky? Or because they work for it?

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I just did Cyber Monday offer to get the last 15 I needed I wasn’t taking a chance on not getting anybody

You’re a troll or just plain daft. Players like you are the reason scopely treats us like dirt. Smh

To; factions drop massive cash for promo toons to be able to auto people . That’s how they win wars how do you think they win so fast and have so many more battles then the rest of all the regions ? It all comes down to money in the. End


If work implies buying, then yes, they work for it

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Meh… yes and no. You can spend all you want and barely war. I have seen some p13 players war way less than p11. Só activity is a big part…

On the other hand, I think Kodak is missing the point. It’s ridiculous to have a month long wheel that expires when 70 percent of the player base (or more) won’t be able to do one pull. It’s pretty ridiculous. But they know what they are doing. Making it expire so they can entice people to buy tokens. But for those unwilling, these last two wars are basically for sd points. Nobody wants that.

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Wheel is actually only like 2.5 weeks long…

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Not worth it got my 3rd garret. Sad thing is I only have 13 different character 6s. Out of how many yet i have 3 of him 2 y rom and 2 y negans