War rewards incorrect?


According to the updated thread, 4th place faction will get more epic gear bags than 2nd or 3rd place.

@kalishane can you clarify if this is a mistake?


I thought that was odd too.

I’ll double check!

Edit. The gear in 1 - 3 is generally harder to come aross than the gear in 4 - 5.

for example: we know beanies and flak jackets are harder to obtain normally.

Sorry if that doesn’t make sense!


Thanks for the quick update on the prizes! Truly well done with the gear aspect just missing the main component … a character :frowning: - is the bug that was happening with Spencer still happening? Is this why we aren’t seeing characters still?


It appears that it’s the same gear, though… am I missing something?


The gear aspect? Arent those damn school bag/ walkie bags… :sleeping::sleeping:


Didn’t trainers used to be blitz war rewards?


So no 5* or tokens. Just gear and trainers lmao :joy:


Utter trash again. I give up.


I think I get what Kali means now.

1-3 will have radios and watches in the bags.

4-10 will have a chance at only the trait specific gear such as sports gauntlets, etc.


Lmaooooo. That can’t be right can it?? This is the worst of all time haha.


It is crap. But id take 2 bennys over a crap 5* from 5* token pulls. What ever happened to spencer?.. lol. MIA. Like half my faction last war due to poor rewards.


So, GPS and Canteen bags. Nice!


I’d rather have the chance of pulling an ascenable toon rather than guaranteed fodder. Another massive step back imo. A weekend waring for trainers…an all time low.


This must be a joke, I guess the game is really dying if they really came up with this crap for war rewards. The point of playing this game is to war and if the rewards outright sucks then what’s the point of playing and spending cash to make pulls.


Problem could be all the people moaning about 5* tokens and asking for gear and trainers…


Hopefully. Hope died.


So is epic gear still walkies and bags? Cause after shoving 6* down our throats it would be nice to be able to gear them up. Not the mention having something to level up during the multitude of scheduled solo lvl up events…


So 1-3 get bags with a radio or a watch, and 4-10 get bags with a chance at a radio or watch but also the other Epic gear, like tripods and gloves?


Guys, there are no ascendable toons that make sense to give out for rewards, because design isn’t done making them yet.

This is like asking Santa Clause to bring you the iPhone X2. It simply doesn’t exist yet.


Yea have to agree with the rest here. These prizes are terrible besides the gear bags.

Dunno how “unique character for first” is such a hard concept, especially when it was done a million times before the long war break…