War Rewards for 10.27.2017


I think I can speak for the majority of players when I say that I was extremely disappointed seeing the updated war rewards for this weekend. I understand things are subject to change, but there are 2 issues with these rewards that I have.

  • More RNG as primary reward - This has been reiterated so many times. RNG is a terrible primary reward. This essentially means that one of my factions mates could put up 400k and get a Gregory, and I could put up 45k and get Shiva. Or in a different scenario, my faction comes in first and I pull Vernon, while someone in the 3rd place faction pulls Shiva.

  • Little disparity in the rankings - There is very little motivation to put forth a lot of effort. The difference between 1st and 2nd is a mere 2500 5* tokens, ONE ultra rare gear bag, and ONE Active Skill Trait Trainer. That’s it. And the difference between 2nd and 3rd is almost the same. So what’s the point of putting forth that much effort for such a small difference in prize quality?

I feel like our feedback isn’t being taken seriously and I am getting fed up with it personally.




This. You all need to fix war rewards. Period. This is Blitz war rewards and for the majority of us playing, War is the last thing that’s truly keeping us here.


Hi @LeeRussell there was a visual issue with the previous rewards set that we thought would cause confusion amongst players so we had to make a late pivot here. I totally get your point about RNG and top rewards and that was not our initial intention here based on all the great feedback we’ve received. Good luck this weekend and I hope RNGesus rewards you with what you’re looking for.

Another WTF Why?
War Prizes Issue

You want 2nd to be a 4* and 3rd a 3 *? It doesn’t matter the structure. There will always be a good enough spot to stop at. Other than tokens as prizes I don’t see the point of such a long winded post.



Not enough convincing, try again.




So then offer a toon instead of tokens. You’ve replaced toons before war before. I’m not sure what you all don’t get over there. You’re offering tokens to players that the majority already have toons and based on your wheel, you’re going to force people to have duplicate toons that will be of no need. Fix the prizes, there’s no other way around it.


Id rather see rewards like 1st 8 Benedicts, 2nd 6 3 - 10 4 etc. Be much more useful than a basically useless 5*




We would love nothing more than to replace with another fighter but the issue affects all characters in that rewards slot so our hands are tied for this event unfortunately. The team is working on a fix asap so we can better deliver on your expectations going forward. We messed up but we’re going to do our best to make it right for future events.

War Prizes Issue

Lmao you’re the only company with this kind of problems. You should reconsider yourselves.




Think most of us trust IUGO, but i struggle to say the same about Scopely. Heard this ever since war was gone and prizes took a real dump


then delay the event for a day. I’m sure most players wouldn’t mind.


Nah scopely wont delay shit. They dont work long hours and weekends.


Yea you guys say this every damn time. Fix it before the war. It can’t be that hard.


4PM. Work hours are over !


@TheWalkerDude I understand there was a “visual glitch”, but there are much better things to put in that place instead of 5* tokens (which btw 17.5k why the odd number? seriously). Also if a customer is showing frustration towards something, you never tell them “Good luck” with the thing they’re frustrated about.

@Juan This doesn’t even deserve a semi-intelligent response from me.


That’s not acceptable. Delay the war, then. It’s beyond me how you guys continue to screw up this activity. You’re losing your player base with garbage like this.