War rewards are...who cares?

Zero war incentive…

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Then prepare to get kicked out the faction for no participation. :joy:

Keep on surviving…


Except most of the faction feels the same…

You have a point, and you’re safe…

Best war rewards we’ve had in a while. 0% chance for non ascendables, and chance at some pretty decent premier characters.


But AOW instead of CRW! It’s obviously those whiners fault and not mine for being in a dead region!


If it was CRW, i’d get like 5-10 tokens. Because it’s AoW, I’m getting 50-60. So much better.


Luckily, I don’t care. Not sure why a free mobile game has the expectations of a paying job. :woman_shrugging:

I know I’m tired of active skill trainers I have plenty. That and most of the F2P toons I have have are complete shite AS, like recover bleed🤦
I would rather have Aden’s or Lilith’s, I’m in dire need of them. For me it’s AR over AS any day unless the AS is a Revive. But again F2P here, so no such luck in that department, same with shield.

I can’t believe people think crw has better rewards than AOW. Just weird. Sure no gps or canteen but Everhone gets more tokens. Who needs gear if you don’t have toons.

Touché. But I would still rather have more chances at shield Jesus than more canteens and Gps.

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