War Rewards: A Suggestion

First of all, a round of applause for getting it done right with regard to the war compensation. This post is my suggestion towards a better experience for war. Most of these may have already been asked for or pointed out so bear with me.

Since war is basically the end game and is the reason that most people still stick on to RTS, the Rewards it gives should be exceptional. This War wheel was pretty ‘meh’, as most of the player base would agree, especially considering some people (like me) got two six-star Jeremiahs on their pulls. People need to feel that their efforts are worth it. Most factions have a few members who sacrifice sleep to ensure that they don’t lag behind. So: The Rewards should match the effort.

Reward System: I do not know how this suggestion will be taken, but here goes. Instead of a War Wheel, Why not let it be a War Stash, This will eliminate duplication. It can have the 6Star versions of the toons and other useful rewards like Ascendance medals or even 20x Benedicts. Not a huge ‘30 pull’ stash. A small one with maybe 10. Or even better would be just the toons, this would be the best so that people would give it their all to ensure they get every toon since there is no chance involved. The stash and the token rewards should be designed in such a way that consistently finishing in the top 30 or top 50 would ensure you finish the stash by the time it refreshes.

Since it’s just CRW for the foreseeable future, It is time to up the number of tokens gained as rewards. This suggestion would only work if theres that 10 pull stash and is also workable on the wheel in its current form. Most of the factions struggle to get in enough members to queue in and end up having only a handful of battles in an entire war. These are the people that the War rewards wold help most to set up a better team. They should also not feel left out. Let the minimum reward be 1000 tokens or the equivalent of one pull. This would ensure that participating would net you a toon or just as good. The top factions would of course net more than one pull ( a max reward of 2k tokens per War) and could easily blaze through the stash.

At the very least just ensure that the War Wheel doesn’t give out duplicates.


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