War reward suggestions

With the frequent release of S-Class toons, the gap just keeps getting bigger. Here are some of my suggestions to make war rewards better and in some way help make the game become more balanced.

War wheel:
This wheel should contain of around 15-20 toons. It should consist of mainly good/great generation 2 toons and a few very viable generation 1 toons. As chances have been tampered with before, a good idea would be to decrease the chances of getting a dupe character as it just happens way too often. A 75% chance of getting a 6* and a 25% chance of getting a 5*. The wheel should have a variety of lead skills(attack and defense) and specialist skills.

Participation rewards:
2000 4* weapon token rewards, 2500 5* tokens and a choice box of 500 cones/500 keys.

Region rank rewards:
Have choice boxes that contain 200 keys/200 cones/200 cake slices/200 bullets Quantities should stay the same(Rank 1 region gets 8 crates).

Faction rank rewards(CRW):
Rank 1 faction should get 2000 war tokens. Top 32 factions should get enough war tokens for a pull.
33-40: 850
41-50: 750
51-60: 650
61-75: 550
76-100: 450
101-300: 350

Milestone rewards:
I can’t really suggest long term milestone rewards as there will always be another roadmap energy/ collectible item but they should increase in worth. The current/recent milestone rewards are not worth the time and effort put in to get them. Add choice boxes as a long term slot to milestones with the other 2 slots changing often. The choice box should contain 150 keys/150 comes/150 cake slices/150 bullets.

1000 points: 1 choice box
5000 points: 1 choice box
10000 points: 2 choice boxes
50000 points: 2 choice boxes
100000 points: 3 choice boxes
200000 points: 4 choice boxes

Feedback is appreciated :+1:

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No x4685. If collectables are going to work, people need to be able to select which they need otherwise someone with bad RNG can just not get an S-Class for always pulling their lowest collectable. All should be choice boxes.

Milestones should be choice boxes. Add a new slot.

War wheel I’m eh on. Have lots of toons, have useful ones. Make sure all facs can pull from it

I’ll take your advice on board. Thanks.

Viable gen 1 like who ? Harper ?

Indeed. Harper, decap Sandy, Yellow Lydia etc

At this point in scopely games never using their fake RNG would be a step in the right direction.
Choice boxes and character selection should be the only way forward.
After the VP admitted to empty options, shifting odds and buckets full of nothing, anything less then choice of pick would just be another scam to prey on the weak and nimble.
Unless they plan on changing the type of game to a gambling game in the store.

Sadly though, people already forgetting what the truth revealed.

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Tag scopely so at least there will be 0.5% chance of them seeing it
Sorry for my bad english :heart:

@JB.Scopely, @GR.Scopely

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