War Reward Changes

Hello! So I had an idea recently and wanted to create a visual representation of this idea so people would have a better idea at what I was talking about. (Yes, that was Idea x3)

This is just an idea I am presenting to the community & Scopely, nothing more.

My idea mainly is for War Rewards and this would be the introduction of a War Token feature as well as a War Depot.

In the above video I give a full run down of how I would want it to be, but all of this is changable, as I say - it is just an idea :wink: basically tokens would be won through the War system. Be it overall war placement (1st place gets lots, 25th gets a lot less etc), maybe milestones and perhaps even a revamp to the war crates and see tokens in there too.

Tokens would be spent in a War Depot and in this depot would be exclusive rewards as well as primarily 6* required loot! This would be, but not limited to:

  • 5* Unique Ascendables
  • 5* Legacy Ascendables
  • 6* Tier 3 & 4 gear (not lower gear)
  • Trainers needed to attain or improve 6* characters
  • SR multitool style addition for unique characters
  • Rarer cans
  • Ascendance token crate.

Things can be changed, of course, but the aim of my idea would be to create a War Depot that all gear is needed by everyone, crème de la crème stuff.

Do you like the sound of this?

  • Yes
  • No

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Have anything you think might enhance this idea? feel free to add - open discussion.


Sounds good, maybe they could also be earned through winning raids in war (the higher the team grade that you beat, the more you earn), and through defends, since right now they don’t count towards anything.

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I agree with @TheSurvivor that in order for this to be great, the depot would need to be updated regularly. After a few wars we would all be complaining that war rewards are useless again because everybody has all of the ascendables available in the depot.

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I like this idea. It would definitely promote more participation in wars.

For my server it would promote more participation for the CRW too. Even if the actual rewards for the wars are less than ideal, having a currency to get something you specifically want is always nice.

More wars would need to happen, otherwise this addition would just bring more hate on the infrequency of wars.

My vote is no, since there is no protection against cheat. therefore, anyone who uses their programs to change the value to 1 or 0 will have everything for free. no thank you very much

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It is the company’s fault that there is no protection against cheats. SD points can be hacked too, should we remove the supply depot?

It simply needs to be repaired before adding anything else.

I’m surprised you do that comparison and do not bother that they can improve everything in a couple of days with traps

The thing is, they won’t repair it. There will always be hacks and people willing to sell their services, sure I’d rather they fix the security first, but between nothing being fixed AND nothing being added, and nothing being fixed but new features added, I’d rather choose the latter.

I like the idea behind it, but to me coming in first always meant a unique toon to begin with without having to save up, so unsure how I feel that others could get the same toons being in lower factions regardless of it would take longer for them due to less tokens from ranking etc.

The idea is fine. But I just don’t trust Scopley idea is a good prizes. They would just put stuff that they are using as rewards now.

Well if SR tooks are anything to go by, they were some of the best characters in the game at the time (still extremely strong, even if 5*)

Once Scopley admit that that war is the endgame. And should have rewards that reflects that . Then the game can be fun again. And players will have something to work for. The depo style rewards can work. But it come down to what’s in it.

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I suggested something similar weeks ago. My suggestion was war tokens and a wheel. The wheel current ascendables and maybe that week a certain premiere was in that wheel. Something that changed every war and allowed the option of toons not in the 5* wheel and upped a chance at ascendable. Even throwing in one’s already 6* version. Incorporate that with this depot and have options for gear and such. However unfortunately I feel it would only go unupdated just like the other things. Maybe have a test run of this for a few wars see what feedback is. Have war cans available (Maybe only let’s say 5 available like the others) also not sure having something u can coin to refresh would be the best idea either. Maybe it’s the same for everyone that war. Or maybe has 2 different options. …Idk appreciate ideas on change. However seems we have Done the same thing with polls showing huge difference then what we got for crw.

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Here is my take.

I like it for participation. More active you are more points you get. Individual progress goes to most active. A reward to the players that keep war flowing.

I do not like it for placement rewards. These need to be stand alone rewards that drive competition.

Where this is guaranteed to fail. They would never update the depot just as they have left all the other depots to wither. In the entire history of supply depot, they added to it twice by my best account its existed for 1.5 years. Survival road, adding a 5s in the 6s Era and crappy creates do not consistently and update. So if you want to keep collecting points with nothing to spend them on of value beyond the first 3 to 6 months sure why not.

But again not placement rewards. I’m sick of stockpiles of crap with little to no value provided beyond the initial awe


the depot would have 6* gear, trainers etc in it as well - which everyone needs. But I get you - the other depots need a bit of an overhaul, quite a lot of the game needs a refresh since Ascendance came in tbh.

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I think this is a great idea and something very realistic considering we have depos already but I do believe it will be short lived by 3-6 months because scopely nature has always been leaving you behind along with what they create… literally

Love the idea, very innovative, hope scopely sees this post

It was stale before ascendancy came in. They never take the time to rework old features to reflect the meta, cause the meta is premier premier premier

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BUT Don’t Be like “200.000+ tokens/points for this 6*/5*” and u get 800-1000 points on the first place! The other places get 100-800 tokens/points!
Tokens/points should be in the milestones or something…

How is a 5 star ascendable worth more now relative to what a normal 5 star was pre ascension? It takes 8 other toons, a full set of gear to t4 and all the food and trainers. Arguably a 5 star ascendable is worth far less then a 5 star toon was pre ascension.

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