War review better is better

I played dedicated for the whole weekend no rewards for me tho. Scopely good suggestion is to make better matches in war. When my faction finally got the six people they’d put u s up against these wd gods. I barely got 30 k worth of points. Me # no rewards top ten people got way too much by comparison. Balance my friend. Just so you know.

Top spot got 600 collectables. Most people got 400 just from weekly missions (which is a low amount in itself imo), so 600 for top spot (6% of an S Class), which requires heavy warring all weekend is a total joke. We warred heavily all weekend and finished 50 something so only got 50 collectables… Let that sink in - 50 collectables… for 60 hours of war. That’s less than a collectable an hour.
These rewards have been the worst I have ever seen, and that really does say something. Yet if people complain, Scopely will ignore the prize issue and probably change it back to 8 and be like - ‘well you complained about the last war so we changed it back to 8 to sort the issues out’.


Quit the game guys, weekends are alot better without dealing with this turd company.


Nah this game is still fun

keep playing this game

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