War restructure when?

Please let us know in advance when the war restructure takes place. I have been saving all my war tokens and would be a nightmare if i log in and theyve been turned to supply tokens. @WalkerTexasRanger @Parker @TayTron

War tokens are endless now

What does that mean?

The wheel changes but your tokens won’t disappear like they used to. They’re permanent like 5* tokens, 4*, weapons, elite


Thanks Parker i was three breaths away from cashing out

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So weve been told.
See ma plushies.

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We just have to stop talking about them, and hopefully they’ll use for them for a Marlon 2.0 lol


Plushies were for red Romanov, not Marlon, so Romanov S class, levels up using plushies

Ya, I’m just making the connection to Marlon/Leash-gate

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