War reserve bug

Anyone else having the issue my factions having where anyone queuing for reserves gets kicked off as soon as they have joined?

Yep it only allowing those in the party to be in the party

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Maybe the couple days in Beta once again was not proper test time

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Yup. Reserves kept booting me. Oh well. At least now once we fill we can hit search. But still, sucks.

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Scopely is aware of the bug and working on a fix


Yeah I just happened to a couple of us. Looks like an issue that will hopefully be addressed soon

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I’ll take my 10 war cans as compensation now. Thx


Just join war faster. Yall are ridiculous sometimes.


Several of us are also having an issue where the game keeps crashing. Is that happening to others?

Just raising a bug. Nothing wrong with that.


That’s right, screw real life, join war faster.

I was talking about the 2pac person. Saying he’ll take his 10 cans now

Ah fair play

Lolhave a sense of humor Karen

Ours is fixed, we can reserve once again in Walker

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Unfortunately ours hasn’t yet.
On another note is anyone else finding that the matchmaking has gone back to early 2019 where everyone is being fed to the top10?
We usually finish top25. We are currently in the 30s. I’ve played in 5 wars and seen 4 others and all 9 that I’ve personally seen have been against top10.

Good one… but you’re Karen here. The definition of entitlement and making something huge literally out of nothing.

If anything I’m Super Kneegrow, no Karen in my blood :fist:t4:

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Update 11/11 wars vs top10 (actually top 8)

@I_shot_2Pac I agree there should be something paid out for this, we deliberately wait 20 sec once war queue is full before hitting the search button, that way anybody who has made the time to be on for war, is at least rewarded for making themselves available, with the reserve list bugging out, some of our guys have missed out on some swag they otherwise would have gotten.

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