War replacement rewards survey


Are you happy with the war replacement rewards?

  • Yes
  • No

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Are you happy with the war replacement milestones?

  • Yes
  • No

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Should this Solo Level up count as part of the war replacement rewards?

  • Yes
  • No

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Should they increase the rewards and milestones for this War replacement Faction SR tournament?

  • Yes
  • No

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Do you think that scopely will increase the rewards before the SR tournament starts? Do you have hope in scopely as of today?

  • Yes
  • No

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Does this mean that we will now have to participate in events over an entire week to get equivalent rewards to 2 days worth of war? This is WRONG on so many levels. People want a wars worth of rewards for this SR tournament, as you cancelled the best event of the game.



Well, i think the polls are pretty clear :blush:


Amazing how everyone has answered the exact same, but nothing will change, players first lol


Watch her like your comment and ignore everything else lol


Well, how many people do you expect to say “no” to the question “Should you get more free stuff?”


no one is asking for anything outrageous, but trying to replace war rewards with the same cookie cutter rewards found in every levelup and SR event is not acceptable. Oh wait they put the tokens all the way to 2million on the levelup. This is just atrocious!


I think the point of the survey is that people would like the same amount of free stuff they would’ve otherwise received from participating in war.


Nice poll, sad that they could care less though


I wouldn’t even mind as much but Ive exhausted my level up resources and cant get a YGL to drop. No chance in hell I’ll ever get 2 mil. Doesnt matter anyway, I got my rick and they can keep their alpenstocks.


Fair enough. I think it would have helped us earlier on to get rick. but now it really seems like a smack to the chops. Most of us have already did previous levelups well into the millions during this event and now after resources are very low they run the badges to 2 million.


They did nothing to make prizes similar not 1 thing. Same exact things you would expect from Sr or level up. Not to mention that for last like 8 of 10 days there’s been level ups. We shouldn’t have to hit 2 mil to get those rtp things. If we had war hitting 100k would be easy compared to leveling …again…huge disappointment from the previous progress that they’ve made.


I would love to see them do something to give us back the amount of raid and world cans we are missing out on not having war. And why was war even cancelled if we don’t even have the update???


Its not that the badges are at the 2 million milestone. Its the fact that war is faction based for better rewards for working together as a faction. A solo tourny is not a suitable replacement for a faction event. Solo means just that do great all by yourself and get better rewards. War is everyone doing great together for better rewards for everyone not just one person. SR wow a lillith for completing it and half the reward a faction receives for war. So just how is that fair to factions for a faction event being replaced? Its not and quit assuming we are mindless sheep with never ending bottomless wallets. Players first is not just a saying its suppose to mean something in a player based industry. How about Scopley actually own up to it and do the right thing for a change instead of the easy thing!!


Why is “FREE STUFF” being said so many times in this thread. People are talking about milestones. These are achievement rewards Not free stuff


P2p? vk player??? :smiley:
if you are f2p, close to be impossible


Giddgudd hombre.


i have a paid account and a fre to play account.

last faction level up both done 2 million without tier 4 6*

the solo level up weekend gone. 2 million on main but 1.25 million on free account

basically its down to time and farming. i can farm on both accounts the same almost all day. my free account has been better off because im not holding off on the 5* tokens, main account has 10 waiting to be pulled with the new refresh