War refills now

Why is there no war offers when the drop rate for refills is horrendous wouldnt scopely think oh hey let’s out some war offers up so people can “buy” them or maybe they dont wanna make any money

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I have war offers. I mean they are ridiculous but I have them. Maybe refresh?

I have 1 that ls 100 dollars and I’m not paying for that

I have had plenty drop for me.


30 attacks one war. Not a single can drop. I need cans to war, and the only time I spend ilmoney is to prep for war. So give me some goddamn war cans @GR.Scopely

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Must be bad luck I’ve been getting cans pretty good rate started with 90 this war at 96 now I keep using them too


I started with 30 down to 0

War can drop rate is awful for me this weekend :expressionless:

They need to do something about the drop rate I haven’t got a refill getting a tower the entire war even in war crates or beating anyone like did scopely turn down the rate they drop or something

can drops definitely are nerfed

Seem slightly above average for me, I don’t remember my exact count at the beginning, but I think I’m up a few.

I’ve had plenty of wars where I ended up down cans though. It’s important to have a decent stockpile, so that you can weather the natural variation in drops.

Ya defiantly random some luckier than others still getting decent amount only had 90 at the beginning now 98. I keep using them too

Last crw I had about 50 60 and then went down to 30 and then cant get any to save my life

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