War Refills dropping is a joke

I’d just like to know how everyone’s war refills were dropping this war just gone.

I was in many wars and trying to farm them but no joy, 3rd war weekend ion a row where the drops have been so awful its practically made me retire being in a top faction during weekend war events

I was unfortunate during the 1st war to be in a faction that played alot and missed out on the scouting period where people were able to get hundreds of refills. so i was basically always buying refills each weekend and during war on the fly

cut to 3 years later and im practically still doing it. i can go through 10 wars and not pick up any cans at all, and i mean whilst burning cans too, sometimes i can burn 2-5 depending on how hard the enemy is in CRW and still not pick up a refill.

i say this with a pinch of salt but when we had the guaranteed 5* epic with every 40 pull, i done 2 separate 40 pulls and got no epic, it took about 10 different support messages over a day or two to have the coins paid back to me to do another pull (after a small package update on my game come through) and i was then getting the epic each 40 pull, this never sat right with me as it seemed there was something not right in my accounts coding that didnt update when everyone else was getting what was advertised. Even still when theres a new patch out im finding that my 40s sometimes doesnt give an epic out.

This just pushes me to believe theres something afoot, as im watching friends play the game and get possibly the same amount of drops im getting the whole weekend in 1 fight

about 10 months ago i had well over 100 refills and now im down to 3 from farming this weekend. im refusing to buy any more refills as spending in this game right now is about 1 hour of wars (even buying the 12 refills in offers)

This game needs to step itself up, as im sure there must be other players getting less than me each war too


In before certain player’s post 300 war cans screenshots :joy::rofl:


Yep cos everyone loves the “my D is bigger than your D” pics lol

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scopely trying to earn more money on war cans but this will cause f2p players dont want to war so there will be only p2w players left. only war keeps people playing, take that away and people will quit @JB.Scopely @GR.Scopely. scopely dont go that route.

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they were dropping fine for me, i ended up with 4 more than i started with


did you often finish as mvp? i didnt and eneded up couple down but it wasnt fun to war counting cans.

not really, maybe once or twice, i ended up with a whole load of world and raid cans though

I thought this a couple wars ago, but this war they were fine. I think it really is just random

Drops were fine for me this war (last few crw’s were horrible). Ended up with +5 of them. During one longer war had like 6 drops.

Up 9 cans, MVP 5-10 times though. Was in about 50 wars and burned on average a can per war. Going after towers helps alot.

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+10 on about 350k scoring, would have been more but I refill even if there’s only 1 hit left. War before was about even, one before that was -24, and one before that was +19 so it really is just random I think.

Crw I was -24 but this war I was +15. There really is no rhyme or reason. Just that damn rng.

Scored 200k and +4 cans overall much better than wars of late I’m down to only 90 now :open_mouth:

Yer I went hard after towers more than normal this war and seen a much better return on cans last few I’ve been down 20 per war!

I hit 300k and was down 3 at the end however i got 20 back from mvps. I used to stay ahead of the game not getting 1st. I think the war bag offer is cheap where is the old bag that only had refills in it. I hate the chance crap. 1200 coins for 6 fills might as well just buy them at the regular price.

I’m up cans too… towards the end I had 4-5 cans dropping every war… it was crazy…

+7 cans after more than 200k in wars, so didn’t really affect me

Down 3 after 300k, not counting any I got from MVP. I usually take a tower, and I always use at least 1 refill to get 8 hits. Or more if the battle lasts longer. Plus re-take a tower if anyone ghosts.

Started with 50 or so…ended with 50 or so

I am not complaining.

I get most from towers.

Can drop is always bullshit but somehow am up 20 cans this war so I’m expecting to be down -60 cans next war.