War Queue Changed?


What’s with the new war Q dynamic. You finish a war, click Exit, and are escorted back to town map!? Instead of declaring war from there? What ever ya’ll are doing please stop. You are ruining wars. Noticed it during blitz and assumed it was a bug.


I thought something seemed off


Was hoping it was a bug. It’s annoying lol.


Yeah u get used to certain movements not sure why they changed it. Scopley seems to like to change things that don’t need fixed and leave bugs like the ones in territories untouched since they were introduced.


No towers will seperate the men from the boys. And some P2W and F2P.


No towers will be different, there were a bunch of facs with spender teams that I could beat but took forever because they grabbed the def tower.


Exactly. Will work both ways tho! Those that need em
To hit ya gone be fkd


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