War queue auto fill


Many factions sometimes have trouble queuing due to being unable to fill the 6 or 8 needed

So my idea is , a player can opt in to be auto elected to queue, if they don’t fill queue within 5 minutes, the players who have opted in , auto fill the queue .

This would mean many more wars , the others in the queue using more coins and refills to make up for the “bodies” in queue

So it helps the players queue and fight but also makes scopely some money with repairs and refills



Scopely and some players may not agree or say it’s not that important but I would prefer this game to be a little streamlined. Just get stuff over and done with quickly. I want to at least reach the last milestone before war ends but the amount of time it takes for some of the higher ups in my faction to get people is ridiculous. Not even just to fill the spots. Sucks when almost half your faction don’t do shit but take up space. And anyone good is either taken or a dead account.


I know that feeling, top that off with every match this war being a top 3 faction where we have no hope



I will gladly make dummy accounts, auto fill and farm mvp cans for a war. Could pull in a great many.


My faction ranks #14 in this War and we are matched with the #1 and #2 faction. This is ridiculous. There is 14 factions below are rank that are playing and we are not even getting matched to them.


Absolutely the same, waiting for hours just to match a much more dedicated faction


Exactly the same for us, matched with same top 3 factions over and over


@CombatDevIl is something like this an implementable system ? To auto enrol people into queue, is that sort of coding available


@TheWalkerDude is more suitable to discuss War stuff. :wink:


@TheWalkerDude thoughts?


Not the first time it has been suggested.

Feel free to go back and read and like the awesome suggestions I made which would make this work, without being exploitable.