War pulls (15 char)

Flex your pamelas ~-(^-^)-~

That wheel is garbage not gonna waist my toke’ in there. Waiting for Zach or some powerful toons

Last war pull, got the only interesting toon for me

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I got 6 Harper and not a dupe so happy.

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Only good toons are diego and pamela.

you mean diego and harper… pamela is garbage


Pamela lead would be good since I have camilla as lead, bruce for confusion and impair, Kapoor and christa for damage. Dante for revives. It’s a good team and I sometime swap out dante for wyatt (Charlie makes the team S11 so I avoid that)

still not convinced but to each their own…

just to point out harper has built in stun on attk wpn, 50% def down to all, disarming… she also triple hits for low damage which pretty much guarantees stun and does not set off payback. Not to mention she has 58 rush. she can go on turn 3 with any lead, faster with command.


Stun toons are really good
Confuse is good but if your enemy team has focus (Almost everyone have it due to christa)
It’s useless since focus says your a ■■■■■■■ joke to confuse (Focus basically cancels out confuse meaning your toon will have lost control but said toon won’t attack teammates. Basically you can still use your AR while confused under focus.

ya i agree…i dont have a good defensive toon to support my pete raul magna etc etc. So pamela is surely useful for me but not mike…i will lose my s#it if i pull him

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I got Harper and I’m happy. Will use her on my melee team from old school arena.

Got the only one I wanted :fire::fire::fire:

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She any good?


pamela is useless… disaim and diego only ones good in there

Putting green characters in defence is really a bad idea rn unless they’re s-class and still I can kill fully maxed s-class laopo with one rush let alone normal green. I have the most the tankiest green team u can ever make . Still it is weapt out during few minutes. I many time killed 2 greens at once with Christa’s rush

Never had a better reward than this


Why would you actually go for tokens and not walker heads? What is wrong with you?

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Pulls? Wuh?! Loooool not a noob like that…got em heads…half, full, sloppy …all kinda heads :skull: