War Prizes - Scopely should be ashamed


Let’s put aside the discussion on tokens as a prize because it has been universally agreed upon at this point that tokens are never an acceptable prize for War, let alone Cross Region War, and instead talk about the bags that serve as the other 2/3rds of the prizes here.

Again, this is Cross Region War, Scopely’s centerpiece event for the whole game. This is where the toughest of the toughest duke it out. Top factions get to meet each other across region lines for epic battle royales. The prizes have to be commensurate to that amount of effort.

A bag with either a Duct Tape or a Polishing Kit but not both is not acceptable.

A bag with a single piece of low-end T3 gear is not acceptable. It takes 6 of those pieces to upgrade just a single 6* and there are no Military Watches or Hand Crank Radios, both of which are required for every single T3 upgrade.

For comparison, this was the bag in the last Cross Region War, making this current bag an empirical reduction in quality.

Scopely’s insistence that we must be starved of necessary resources to progress despite the time, cost and effort requirements is blatantly anti-consumerist and unethical in the face of Albert Wei’s promises to the players.

Albert Wei you have failed to live up to the promises you made to the players. You, and other decision-makers on your staff, must be held accountable for this.

Worst war prizes ever seen to date!

Lost 2 more 2 yr players tonight. Pretty much playing chicken with the player base to see who will swerve first.


Imo them prizes are standard (of late) for all out war. Definately not the top end stuff expected for a crw


3 including me




We’ve lost 6 long term players in less than 2 months. These rewards are just killing off the player base, at least from what I’m witnessing.


Well nobody would buy those super awesome $24.99 ‘deals’ they goddamn spam in your face 4 times a day with a chance for a radio/watch if they just gave them out all willy nilly.

Stop acting so entitled, and asking to just be handed out freebies you babies!!!


Playing chicken only in the sense that Scopely is driving a Mack Truck and the players are riding on a big wheel.


Haha yeah. Perfect picture btw


anybody happen to realize this is literally almost identical to the prizes for regular war just changed bags. whats with the inconsistency? like if they offered t4 gear for first and uly last time why isnt that the prize this time. i can be ok with them not giving 20k tokens and a toon as the 1st part but at least make it something different. like a ascendable toon we’ve seen leaked or something


Running low on ascendable toons is so laughable… They have some ready, just none they want to hand out as a reward. Maybe they shouldn’t have pushed the buff if THEY WERE NOWHERE NEAR PREPARED FOR IT


Gps? bottle???


Not even a word “sorry”. Scopely should be ashame.


Need this


when CRW was introduced it said that it will have better rewards because it is more challenging. This week war prizes pretty much match prizes from last week.

Last week it was promised that we have get an ascendable 5star and now we get token.

@kalishane said they are out of toons and yet releasing another promo same time war starts

@kalishane is complaining that there are no constructive suggestions but only negativity, when I remember very detailed suggestions of @LeeRussell (exactly right before he commited ingame suicide) which were highly valued feedback.

I know it is against TOS of the forum to call anybody a liar no matter what the facts say because there are always alternative facts. So I guess that is a part of nowadays American culture.


I’m stoked with the rewards. I’ll get another Benedict, another active trainer, another legend trainer, and enough tokens for a 5* pull. Oh and enough medals for another ascension!



I wish we had the option for multiple likes.

Try this instead


when milestones are more exciting then overall rewards. I’ve gotta say i really like this game and i really do enjoy competing in events consistently. Love to fight it out for hours in war, but its so hard for me to put my drive into spending and fighting in matches for something like that i’ve been looking forward to this cross region war all week and was so excited and i am just kinda disheartened now. i don’t wanna just sit back and not war or fight it out to the very end. i’ve easily spent atleast $500 in the last 2 weeks prepping for this war between pulls and what not and now i’m just kinda sad. Its got me in a rut, and i don’t really know where to go with it when this is what we get for our efforts and money. I can’t understand it… can we please at least get some sort of explanation @kalishane?


i don’t disagree with you. i’d prefer an explanation from him for why this is happening but i know thats not gonna happen. So i am being realistic and asking for one from shane, shes done wonders for the community but i get theres only so much she can do. her efforts don’t go unnoticed but she gets shafted at the end of the day with this job because she has to be the one to deal with all the unhappy players because of things that happen on the account of liveops and Albert


I can’t say I’m surprised by the quality of the prizes, or better said lack of, but the milestones are really nice.