War prizes? regions matchup? WHEN?

we are anxious for some information about the war, many need to organize and prepare for war, when will we have someone to stand on?


Everything is shortened this week so we will be having 2 V 2 wars…thanks keep surviving.


Need the info.

My 500 war cans won’t be touched if theirs no point to hit the 200k milestone we need better prizes.


The first war grab bag was a good deal. Had some good toons for you to get lucky and get. The second one well was just garbage anyone who would of won had no use for any of them toons. If this war is for the two token wheels they have now I pass.


Jb stated hes working on it i imagine soon. You can use the dev tracker to follow his post.

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I agree the 1st bag was better but the 2nd bag wasnt horrible. Madison is an awesome lead. While shes no alice she holds her own. I think switching them would of been more appropriate. The 1st crate should of been for crw and 2nd should of been aow.

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