War prizes (post regarding the responses)


This post will receive many hateful responses, but COOOME OON!..

bad war prizes…?! Really?! I mean…REALLY?! I don’t know I am glad we’ll get these war prizes.

We won’t receive an ascendable 5* or a 6*…so what?! :smiley:
“but you don’t get it, the rewards are so bad”…bla bla

I think the war prizes are good, and finally WE GET SOME MEDALS!!!



Lmao. Get ready because me and Alex got some heat last night by making a I like the prizes thread, so get ready because here comes the heat and complainers. :joy:


Last CRW we got 20K 5* tokens, ascendable Blue siddiq and 4 bags or kit AND tape, and 6 epic gear bags including a chance at a canteen or gps.
Now we get 18k 5* tokens, 4 bags with a chance at a tape or a kit, 4 gear bags, and 2/3 legendary medals and 1/5 ascension tokens.
How are you happy with the prizes?


Hell yeah :wink:


I actually prefer the milestones, but I don’t think the war prizes are bad, you still get valuable items at the end of the day, if you don’t like them just let others get them…simple (not going to reply for more posts tho)


I think lower rank factions don’t care. But top rewards are uninspiring.

I’m curious, what is typical crw placement for those saying these are good?

Mine, aim for first, typical top 3.