War Prizes (Not) Early Announcement?

I can only assume that they have not revealed the war prizes yet because it’s not what we want and will be disappointing as per usual.
We suggested that war prizes are revealed in advance,
We suggested what the war prizes should consist of.
Will they listen? No. Do we care that they are not locked in yet? No. Just tell us so we can give feedback… THATS WHAT THE FORUM IS FOR.

This is what I imagine live ops has to choose between…


If you’re saying that Scopely get crapped on for a) showing war prizes early, or b) not showing war prizes, then you’re correct.

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Just to clarify.
I will not share War rewards until they’re locked in.

I don’t want to say they are one thing and they end up being another to cause upset and confusion.

It will be ahead of time. Any time before the event is ahead of time. I never promised a set day. Though, I always aim for Thursday.

Will we listen? I definitely share the feedback – we’re working towards ascendables – and the playerbase is unaware of where prizes or any content starts – they only see the end result. Just food for thought. Changes are made often.

The rewards in this War are better than the last CRW – but we want to offer ascendables – even new characters as rewards eventually. Slowly working towards that again. Looking forward to those days just as much as you Alex. :slight_smile:





as u can see I’m ahving a graet day :wink:


Why don’t you have old premier promo characters as the ascendable war prizes, like Rosita, viktor etc. Work forward from the first one released. They have been out for quite a few months now. That way they don’t have to take ages making them.
Obviously we want a brand new ascendable for CRW.

PS thanks for the response hope things improve! I want the game to be at the stage where prizes are revealed at least a couple days in advance not less than 24 hours. Planning way in advance shows that you guys have your stuff thogether:)


Thanks @kalishane, look forward to see what’s coming down the pipeline for rewards and a start time. Keep up the good work!

I like the idea of having those toons, but it’s mainly because I don’t have them. I know several people who do and I would much rather have them participating in wars with me than sandbagging because they would be getting dupe rewards. I can see it being a pretty delicate balancing act and I think that’s why we end up with tokens more than anything.

Good question Alex!

I think we’ll have an older one next time. :slight_smile:

We’d like to offer new ones primarily though!


An ascendable 5* can still be used as fodder. If we get a 5* that’s not ascendable then that’s just fodder really. At least we have a choice to ascend one. Plus 5* tokens are all duplicates for most anyway, P2P and F2P. So an Old Promo Premier toon offers more choice for both parties.

Can you clarify when “next time” will be? Next CRW or next regular war?

I believe CRW. That’s what we’re aiming for.


Awesome either way. Thanks!

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Whoopdie Doooo more 5* tokens :roll_eyes::roll_eyes::roll_eyes::unamused::sleeping:

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Whats Legendary bags (sp) vs legendary bags.

Hopefully canteen and gps

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Epic Gear Bags (Sp) what was that again?

I need at least 5 of those

and a lot more holsters and other T4 gear.

I’m sitting on a huge pile of YELLOW ONLY T4 gear, worthless

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Prepare for watches/radios and duplicate 5*
Keep surviving!

Da good gear.

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Lol i love it, i know more but less at the same time. t minus 6 hrs till screens are leaked anyway. Thanks for posting list of prizes before.

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