War Prizes Issue


Regarding War Prizes from two weeks ago.

I got excited thought I heard ascendable character, shared ascendable character as a prize, was told that was most likely not possible – edited 10 minutes later.

That’s the entire story. As you all know we’re low on characters and doing our best to catch up!

Tearing apart the forums hurts the community more than anything. Please stop.

Thank you for understanding.

Kudos to Scopely and the Team
War rewards positive side

Thats weak sauce though, theres a ton of viable 6* rewards


I posted this once…

You can send it to the team…

It needs used…badly.

This is CRW give out a 5* thats worth a crap with tokens. MUCH LESS COMPLAINING.

We are extremely sorry we have ran into some difficulties today when it comes down to war prizes, and we cant deliver to you what we said we would. So, in light of that and not to get long winded, we have completely revamped war prizes for this paticular war only, until the team can decide whats best moving forward. We love our loyal players, from F2P to P2P, you guys are what keeps us running and to show that appreciation to players ranging from 2 plus years to less then a month we want to show that we hear you, yes we cannot give out 6s YET, as prizes. With that said we also understand the need for ascendance fodder, since the 6 bump we know that move didn’t make all players happy but in the end when your 5* eventually becomes a 6* that will make the buff special for you.
War prizes today will be as follows:
1st: 50k 5* tokens/6 epic gear bags/6 epic trainers
2nd: 45k 5* tokens/5 epic gear bags/5 epic trainers
3rd: 40k 5* tokens/4 epic gear bags/4 epic trainers
4th: 30k 5* tokens/3 epic gear bags/3 epic trainers
5th: 25k 5* tokens/3 epic gear bags/3 epic trainers
6th-10th: 20k 5* tokens/2 epic gear/2 epic trainers
11th-20th: 15k 5* tokens/1 epic gear/1 epic trainer
21st-30th: 10k 5* tokens/1 epic gear/1 epic trainer
31st-40th: 7.5k 5* tokens/1 epic gear/1 epic trainer

We apologize again for the mix up, but just so you know how much we really care about you guys everyone will be recieving 100 lucielle tokens in their inbox.

NOTE** people still gonna be upset but that puts out 95% of your fires…and shows you care.

If I as a player can type that, I know you guys can…its just if you want to or not.

P.S. I can do the milestone rewards for you to if need be.

P.S. x2 Im looking for a new job currently if you guys are hiring, I’ve dealt with the public my entire life.


I wish we could say the same about Scopely @kalishane


Low on characters? Really? This is your response.




LOW ON CHARACTERS?!?!?! you have a ton of leaked ready to go ascendance toons thats your saving for what exactly?


Yeah that is a very weak excuse.


plenty characters for sale though.


@kalishane if we had ascendable siddiq as last CRW prize couldnt we get another ascendable prize for this CRW? if its all about the 9.0 update i’d suggest scopely to do everything in their power to get this update before war and offer a 5* ascendable toons as war prize otherwise there’ll be an uproar


I think people will still trash the forums "/. Not to be that guy but what worst can happen? Worst prizes? No War? We’ve been there.


That’s absolute bullshit. There is nothing stopping you from having good war prizes. You won’t do it because all you care about is money and you want to sell the 6*s and not give them as prizes. Any other “reason” you give is a lie.


Kali dont you think consistently pissing off the players hurts the community more.

I can believe you made an honest mistake. Im trying my hardest to give you the benefit of the doubt but you/scopely did screw up honest mistake or not. Instead of shutting us down make us happy for once


Scopley HQ looking at the forums like


First place = 8 benedicts
Second place = 7 benedicts
Third place = 6 benedicts

This is more helpful than stupid 5* tokens


At the very very least, if originally it was 17.5k 5* tokens, and a 5* (maybe, maybe not ascendable) for 1st, shouldn’t it be 27.5k 5* tokens now, not 18k? Would still be lackluster, but at least then it isnt the equivalent of a 9.5k token loss…


Who wants to bet theres a nice shiny 6* for sale tomorrow during war?


Banhammer 2.0


with all these new premier recruit 6* being released couldn’t you just change it to be released as the top prize for CRW?


This is why people were rude to her