War prizes Good or bad


Anyone Know? What prizes we gonna get this war


Shane posted a rundown in announcements


All ranks get 3 crates for a chance at epic grenades, rare gear, low amount Lucille tokens, and one burt. Guess you can say the prizes are awesome this time. Thanks LiveOps for listening to the community. :^)


we hope the best and maybe get the worst… :smiley:


He’s is kalis post.


So what we are actually asking is “who is the 1st - 3rd place recruit”?


That my friend, is a question for VK


I’d hopefully actually be asking @kalishane what the

  1. 1st Place unique 5* recruit is
  2. 2nd Place 5* recruit is
  3. 3rd Place 5* recruit is

My hope is that each rank will get a different toon. If we get the same toon every time our teams are more prone to be the same, thus adding less diversity, thus making the game boring.


If only we had someone who worked for the company making the decision who could inform us…


Just want something ascendable don’t care if it’s new or old. Need to keep increasing roster diversity, even if they are lackluster.


It better be something worthwhile again! :slight_smile:


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Good war prizes this weekend ?


:crystal_ball: Don’t count on it


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Discobot should be the next GM.


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A bit useless to put ultra gear bag as a reward and start ultra gear map at the same time :confused: Should be epic gear or trainers …


Or pk and dt at least :disappointed: