War prizes for this weekend


@kalishane can you let us know the war prizes for this weekend and if it’s 6v6 or 8v8? 6v6 btw sucks. Thank you


VK is great, scopely on discount + has great CM which is always on time.


Wont happen, you know it is going to be like 10k 5* and 3k broken heart tokens.


Do we know when war will start?


6v6 is better than 8v8 IMO, specially in a low populated region.


@Jim_Mac is probably right… useless tokens and a low amount of broken hearts


Continuing the discussion from War Rewards & Prizes Tracker [Updated 02/15]:

Milestones are very solid and I like the breakdown on ranks from 1 to 50.

I know people don’t like tokens but they just don’t have enough toons to hand out every single week before they are all repeats anyway. If you expect Bruce or Erika to be the top prize your dreaming. I would rather get an ascendable toon like how they are giving out Maggie. This way everyone gets it not just the top 2 or 3 teams.

What they could do is introduce a new 5-star wheel of just f2p ascendable toons. Charge 10k for that and then keep the current 5-star wheel but lower it to 5k because if it’s not ascendable its just fodder 99% of the time. If they were to do this then tokens as a reward would become valuable again.


Tokens, tokens & gear. At least the 2nd pen & envelope open to all. I was concerned with the title “Premium Broken Hearts”


So duplicate/trash 5* and useless trainers because no new 6*. No GPS/canteen. That’s sad.


I really like the idea of lowering the less useful 5*’s value and making a different wheel or maybe token system in general. For war, give us a pull from the ascendable wheel and for other events give us tokens for the less significant 5*. Could be a way to solve the disappointment in the prizes because no matter the ascendable … at least you are still getting one.



Milestones are bad…100k for knife sheath…and sports gauntlet…we need canteens or gps…


I actually think that this is an improvement from the last couple all out war. 3rd place gets what usually is for first so the amount have increase for all levels plus guaranteed trainers from heart tokens plus the trainers from milestones. No complaints here personally.


What is an Epic Trainer crate?


1x benny 2x benny 4x benny 8x benny. c’mon now you know what that is. You have been playing for 2+ years


So is that left or right broken hearts or both at that amount?


When giving the broken heart tokens why not give them in increments of 1000? This goes for anything like that. I always think it sucks when I have an extra 250 or some weird number and lately we never get anything when we have extra when the event ends. Either give them in the increment that is needed or at least do something when the event is over with the extras we have. @kalishane


Shitty prizes again…and again…and again… I don’t see the point of making and update post for prizes if they’re always the same shit…no wonder people keeps leaving this damn game.


So my comment was flagged and this wasnt? Great system smh


decent rewards. just wish there were more heart tokes and less 5* tokes. 10-12K heart tokes for 1st would have been awesome.


I have permanent ignore from “community” lol