War prizes are getting worse


Remember those days when war rewards were good exclusive toons you could actually have a use for?

Why are scopely making war prizes degeneratively worse?

Because you are all dropping wads of cash on the new 6* promos.

So you all are spending your Christmas shopping budget to build op teams to win crappy war rewards which were only merely useful 2 years ago when they 1st appeared as war rewards 2 years ago cough cough Bruce!

Please everyone I am asking you to think about this, scopely are corrupt criminals who are laughing in your faces whilst your kids are directly being affected by mommy and daddy’s need to show off a few measly pixels.

Put away your phones, delete the app, give your kids a cuddle and spoil them this Christmas, because the more money you pour into this game the more the developers will continue to exploit your need to feel good at something


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