War placement question

So what’s up scopely does 1st and 2nd place factions in aow not war against each other or wtf? Anyone else seeing this In their region?


That would hurt whale egos and actually be fair, so not going to happen



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Or maybe they privately have an agreement to one searches & gets matched while the other waits in queue & once they know the other has matched they search. Something like that, i’ve seen it done.


Me too… when did ppl get so scandalous :face_vomiting:

Just watch if they flip flop in wars, one will get 1st this time, 2nd next time…

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Sounds like conspiracy theory to me. Not inconceivable but maybe the matching system has something to so with it? :thinking:

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no, they do war.

I looked yesterday in a few regions and that wasn’t the case, until their 20th match or so.

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