War of towers teams


dear scopley i wanted to know that what was u thinking when giving 100% attack to Mansion.
this only a war of towers team no need to set strong defence.


Not true with the defense boost tower I still defend vs the attack tower.


100% true! team with mansion always wins


In fact i thought the defense tower was more useful. Somehow the 50% defense seemed to make about the same impact.


especially if you r not general :wink:

def from general plus def from the tower gives you a good chance for defending.


The second round was perfect. War needs towers or it’s just a group raid tourney. Adds a little more depth to the battles and strategy to balance them and attack.

First one at 100 attack to 50 def was to much. The second round of 50 and 50 was perfect so that getting one meant a moderately even fighting field. I enjoyed it personally


The second round was far from perfect. Reducing the timers on the good towers to 2:50 almost lead to more time fighting for towers than fighting the enemy for points. Against a hard top level team a hard defence can take 2:00 to beat your way through and then after a single attack it’s back to tower fighting again. Many not used to this fail to keep going back for towers leading to arguing amonst teammates that don’t adapt as quickly.


I think that the defense boost from this tower only applied when attacking camps and strongholds, but i may be wrong


Lol I didnt even notice they shortened the timers at all. Yeah that’s no ideal for sure. I wish they would inform us when mechanics change


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